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Monday, June 18, 2007

Mrs. Patterson Betty Scan Artist Claims She's A Victim / Don't Fall For This Scam Out Of Pity

Good day to you Sir/Ma,

Greetings to you in the name of God, I am sorry to take your time with this mail, but i seek your indulgence to at least give me a minute audience. First, let me introduce my self to you.....i am Mrs. Patterson Betty, i was born and i lived most of my life in the United Kingdom , i am 48 years of age, My husband is late, i had two sons (Cameron and Dale) of which Dale my younger son died two years ago...

Myself and my family were living a blissful and happy life, i used to work for the British telecoms before the demise that led to my misfortune.

Not until that unfaithful day (02/02/2002) when i received an email from a company(H & S TEXTILE COMPANY LTD.), which the subject of the mail was (JOB OFFER/AGENT REPRESENTATIVE) and i read through the mail, they promise to give me a part-time job, which i was offered a 10% commission of every payment i receive from their customers on behalf of their company. i thought it through that an extra income would help meet my family need since i am a single mother, so i went ahead accepting the job offer. I was quite excited when i received a letter of immediate appointment as a staff of the company, not knowing that it was what would lead to my down fall.

A week later i received a check of $87,000.00 on behalf of the company from a said customer... i took it to the Bank and deposited it, due to my good banking relationship few days later the Bank called me that the payment was ready, i rushed down and collected the money, deducted my 10% commission as agreed and i sent the balance back to the company.

About a week and half later the Bank called me and told me that the check was fake and that i needed to return back the money, i was so shocked and speechless i thought it was a joke not until i got to the Bank and the Bank had called the Metropolitan police, they interrogated me and i explained to them all that happened, they tried tracing the company but all efforts was abortive no traces were found,

immediately my account was frozen, i was arrested, the Bank took me to court, i was charged and found guilty and i was eventually jailed for four years with hard labor.

during my jail term i lost Dale my second son and thing went really bad, i was emotionally depressed and i felt lost, after serving my jail terms i was eventually released. I tried picking up the pieces of my life with my son Cameron standing by me, but no company was willing to offer me a job because of my past record that i have been to jail and convicted, I had to leave UK because i could not bear the shame and humiliation, i decided to relocate to The Republic of China with my son Cameron with the little left with us.

This is why i have come crying out to the world to help me, save me and my son. I am good in Art and Craft and i need your assistance so i can be self employed and take care of myself and my only child.

You can reach me with these email : bettypat_44@myway.com

Thank you and God bless

Mrs. Patterson Betty.

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