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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brandon "Ripper" Vedas Website "Ask Ripper" / Things That Make You Go WTF !!!

Brandon Carl Vedas

On January 12, 2003, Brandon Vedas, AKA "ripper," died of a massive overdose of prescription drugs while onlookers cheered him on in an IRC chat room.
This site is dedicated to the memory of Brandon, and to the education and prevention of future tragedies. Despite all his knowledge, Brandon made some poor choices that night. Like many addicts, he hid his abuse from many who could help. Like many who struggle with drugs, he thought he was always in control. Like many who fall into the dark world of serious narcotics, he thought it was all a game that he could always beat. Tragically, this time he lost.

AX Central.com Brandon's Obituary

The Shroomery Message Board!

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[04:02] rippercam is up
[04:02] * grphish loves the cock!
[04:02] I got a grip of drugs
[04:02] show us ripper
[04:02] < Smoke2k > you want me to run my root off in ya boy
[04:02] < Smoke2k > ripper
[04:02] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:02] < Smoke2k > what do you have
[04:02] do u guys grow
[04:02] magical mushrooms
[04:02] magical mushrooms are defined as psilocybe XXxXX
[04:02] ?
[04:02] klonoz!
[04:03] tune in
[04:03] watch
[04:03] give us url
[04:03] rippercam
[04:03] rippercam is functioning
[04:03] amaze
[04:03] * felix is now known as theKat
[04:03] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:03] !rippercam
[04:03] forget rippercam
[04:03] grphish: I forgot rippercam
[04:03] < Smoke2k > ripper answer pm whore
[04:03] is sammi there?
[04:03] rippercam is http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:03] PUT A TOP ON
[04:03] < Smoke2k > u see that chat
[04:03] oh dear
[04:03] < Smoke2k > butt slu t
[04:04] thats a lot of klonopin
[04:04] < Smoke2k > heh
[04:04] along with shrooms or pot
[04:04] looks like ripper is fine enough in the nude
[04:04] whats that ur holding?
[04:04] heh
[04:04] shrooms!
[04:04] shrooms are inevitable.
[04:04] yay ripper!
[04:04] shrooms in Rx bottle
[04:04] ripper cam
[04:04] lol
[04:04] s
[04:04] whos that?
[04:04] that is real
[04:04] bagga weed
[04:04] methadone 80mg
[04:04] thats u ripper
[04:04] ?
[04:04] or
[04:04] whats that red shit
[04:04] haha
[04:04] i knew it
[04:04] haa
[04:04] you lucky fux0r
[04:05] AHHAA
[04:05] brandon?
[04:05] brandon is a good dood though
[04:05] whats those bottles?
[04:05] takea thousant!
[04:05] whats
[04:05] whats is he and she
[04:05] the fuckin bottles
[04:05] bottles is kind of coffin shaped too
[04:05] i DIDNT SEE
[04:06] ah
[04:06] is that bug ripper
[04:06] bud
[04:06] bud is a brand of beer as well as marijuana
[04:06] heh
[04:06] tonight is a ogod night fellas
[04:06] haha
[04:06] will u jerk it
[04:06] for me
[04:06] for me is is....i will explain
[04:06] so whaty do you have all together
[04:06] bud klono and methadone
[04:07] im just playin
[04:07] but whats in the bottles
[04:07] really
[04:07] really is there any place on the net that I can read where others have put brain power into devising ways to grow weed subversively?
[04:07] im not watching that shit anymore
[04:07] klono, methadone, restoril, inderal, weed, kb
[04:07] you need to shave your head
[04:07] kb?
[04:07] kind buds?
[04:07] yoda: methadone in bottles
[04:07] :p
[04:07] kind buds yes
[04:07] methadone
[04:07] methadone is easier on your nose than e
[04:07] u an ex heroin addict
[04:07] or hwaT?
[04:07] hwaT is the ring. . .?
[04:07] long story
[04:07] That usually means that the person doesn't want to talk about it.
[04:07] bottoms up fells
[04:07] check this shit
[04:07] < Smoke2k > hey ripper
[04:07] 8000mg equivalent of oxy-contin
[04:07] * gee_wiz has joined #shroomery
[04:07] Not a Care in Life
[04:08] * gee_wiz has left #shroomery
[04:08] haha
[04:08] i bet that tasted like shit
[04:08] brb drink
[04:08] a bottle of methadone is a dose of methadone?
[04:08] we see him knock his head on the back wall and stay there for the next 14 hours
[04:09] that little bottle is a dose?
[04:09] whao
[04:09] thats alot
[04:09] jesus
[04:09] Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm [04:09] I just stumbled
[04:09] to the ktichen
[04:09] I'm all fucked up
[04:09] motherukc
[04:09] dude you just drank it
[04:09] attempted suicide #84
[04:09] did you smoke bud as well?
[04:09] yeah
[04:09] =P
[04:09] and
[04:09] ripper: how much methadone did you take?
[04:09] keep that respirator hady
[04:09] I'm gonna take some klonos
[04:09] watch
[04:09] hadny
[04:09] 80mg
[04:09] 80mg is alot of ritalin though
[04:09] handt
[04:09] pure
[04:09] pure is good yeah pure is good!
[04:10] hadndndyhdnahnaha ahdny handy
[04:10] how much is a regular dose?
[04:10] they start [eolpe who shoot at 20-30mg
[04:10] goodnight
[04:10] gang
[04:10] gang is believed to run five vans which all have curtains fitted behind the drivers seat and beds installed in the back.
[04:10] peace
[04:10] make baby cadavers
[04:10] out
[04:10] do you take this much nightly?
[04:10] much love
[04:10] <33333333
[04:10] byebyebyeybeybyebyeybe
[04:10] dont OD on us ripper
[04:10] firdt time with lwuid
[04:10] ufusls pillz
[04:10] so rhey are 5mg
[04:10] * yoda has quit IRC (Leaving: Leaving)
[04:10] did the methadone kick in aqlready
[04:11] or what.
[04:11] oh yeah
[04:11] I'm fcuk
[04:11] i wonder if we'll see ripper ever again
[04:11] < Smoke2k > hey ripper
[04:11] heh
[04:11] hey
[04:11] bonjour, ripper
[04:11] whatsup
[04:11] what are you on right now ripper
[04:11] < Smoke2k > yea what are you on
[04:11] aalot of drugs
[04:11] 80mg methadone
[04:11] 8mg klonopin
[04:11] 120mg resotril
[04:11] 1.5 grams KB
[04:11] 4 grams mersh
[04:11] mersh?
[04:11] mersh is east coast
[04:11] < Smoke2k > wtf
[04:12] 110 mg inderal
[04:12] hehe
[04:12] you're making drugs up!
[04:12] and
[04:12] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:12] whats mersh
[04:12] it has been said that mersh is east coast
[04:12] 2 vicodan
[04:12] dude
[04:12] you ever done this much before
[04:12] thats it
[04:12] < Smoke2k > eat more
[04:12] < Smoke2k > thats not much
[04:12] man. 2 vicodin would do me in
[04:12] don't overdose on us ripper :[
[04:12] I did this tonight
[04:12] u fools
[04:12] fools we will always be
[04:12] < Smoke2k > I eat that every morning
[04:12] did u not see my bag of drugs
[04:12] look
[04:12] * Pnutbot looks
[04:12] < Smoke2k > you pussy
[04:12] < Smoke2k > you pussy
[04:12] < Smoke2k > eat more
[04:12] haha Smoke2k stfu
[04:12] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:12] < Smoke2k > your fucking nuts ripper
[04:12] < Smoke2k > :)
[04:13] yeah
[04:13] thats what I thought bitch
[04:13] id take the methadone over all if that
[04:13] don't talk to me about doing enough drugs
[04:13] thats my pesonal stash
[04:13] tough love
[04:13] all the goods
[04:13] for a weekend of fun
[04:13] those benzos
[04:13] fuck yeah
[04:13] < Smoke2k > damn I am pretty sure that I would not be able more than the methadone and vicodan
[04:13] I solu eat 4 restoril
[04:13] one sec
[04:13] ripper
[04:13] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:13] < Smoke2k > solu?
[04:13] You sure your judgement isn't impared to the least?
[04:13] you're not going to overdose on us are you?
[04:13] < Smoke2k > what the hell is this new dialect your making up
[04:14] great
[04:14] bottosms up
[04:14] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:14] cheers and righty hoe
[04:14] < Smoke2k > hell yea eat more
[04:14] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:14] < Smoke2k > eat more
[04:14] < Smoke2k > you pussy
[04:14] you should get sammi over there
[04:14] lol
[04:14] wait
[04:14] wait is that legal?
[04:14] I havent taken inderal
[04:14] mmmmMM
[04:14] to get your ass to the hospital in an hour
[04:14] < Smoke2k > damn if you die you fucking bitch I am going to feel so bad
[04:14] yah you have
[04:14] < Smoke2k > eat more
[04:14] haha Smoke2k [04:14] < Smoke2k > :)
[04:14] dude
[04:14] anyone knows rippers address?
[04:15] < Smoke2k > damn man ripper is a dumbass
[04:15] someone call the paramedics on him
[04:15] < Smoke2k > when you are making a new dialect up ripper you need to say you have had enough
[04:15] there we go
[04:15] I should be set
[04:15] < Smoke2k > I am immune to some pills but you know what I do I just don't buy them anymore
[04:15] Smoke2k , wait till the klonos vicodins and all the other pills he took kick in
[04:15] < Smoke2k > I suggest he just doesn't eat anymore
[04:15] these are good pillz u know
[04:15] ripper :]
[04:15] < Smoke2k > damn ripper your such a fucking cunt
[04:15] < Smoke2k > :)
[04:15] I am having a wonderful evening
[04:15] you ever done this much before?
[04:16] why am I a cunt
[04:16] this is usual weekend behaviour
[04:16] I told u fucks
[04:16] u all said I was lying
[04:16] haha
[04:16] < Smoke2k > how many have you eaten before
[04:16] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:16] we did?
[04:16] my mom is in the next room doing crozzwordz
[04:16] haha
[04:16] well
[04:16] < Smoke2k > yea you should go give her some
[04:16] she won't notice anyway
[04:16] < Smoke2k > offer her some pillz
[04:16] the methdone will kick your ass
[04:16] and make you pretty quiet
[04:17] < Smoke2k > your mom won't know that your crawling to bed?
[04:17] watcht this bitch
[04:17] yeah. if you do some meth
[04:17] 2 methadone
[04:17] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:17] < Smoke2k > lo,l
[04:17] < Smoke2k > you crazy sumbitch
[04:17] LOL
[04:17] you got a guitar Rippah?
[04:17] < Smoke2k > damn I gotta get this fucking web cam
[04:17] if ripper doesn't die he's going to have a great time
[04:17] < Smoke2k > gimme addy again
[04:17] < Smoke2k > hell yea
[04:17] < Smoke2k > damn ripper you gotta play us some tunes bro
[04:17] whoa
[04:17] whoa is right
[04:17] I am high
[04:17] Your IP has been logged and the police are on their way, better slam that ben and jerry's and haul some ass hippy
[04:17] < Smoke2k > fucking wail on that bitch
[04:17] fuck
[04:18] Ripper
[04:18] Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:18] what are you on?
[04:18] ?!!!!!11
[04:18] < Smoke2k > hey whats addy
[04:18] i bet ripper will just pass out and forget it all
[04:18] < Smoke2k > hes on alot
[04:18] alot of drugs
[04:18] What?
[04:18] 80mg methadone
[04:18] 8mg klonopin
[04:18] 120mg resotril
[04:18] 1.5 grams KB
[04:18] 4 grams mersh
[04:18] 160mg methadone
[04:18] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:18] holy Shit
[04:18] 8mg klonopin
[04:18] * Pnutbot worships Oea's shit.
[04:18] 120mg rrestoril
[04:18] lolol
[04:18] ripper
[04:18] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:18] ur ded
[04:18] I just ate about 160mg inderal
[04:18] and
[04:18] < Smoke2k > we seen him eat alot
[04:18] I smoked 1.5 grams kb
[04:18] < Smoke2k > he said hes got a big tolerance
[04:18] and 5 grams normal pot
[04:18] and
[04:18] < Smoke2k > you better stay on web cam all night
[04:18] I drank some 151
[04:18] < Smoke2k > I wanna see if you survive or if you just black out
[04:19] * grphish eats nutmeg :(
[04:19] ripper
[04:19] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:19] < Smoke2k > this is more fun than a drunk on cops missing teeth wearing a wife beater
[04:19] don't die motherfucker
[04:19] i'll kill you
[04:19] man
[04:19] < Smoke2k > yea thats what I said Oea
[04:19] ripper, if you puke? can i eat it? i'll get so high of that puke
[04:19] * phalaris changes topic to ' 80mg methadone 8mg klonopin 120mg resotril 1.5 grams KB 4 grams mersh I just ate about 160mg inderal'
[04:19] < Smoke2k > I told him he was a pussy a minute ago as a joke and then he ate more
[04:19] hah
[04:19] that's a lot of downers
[04:19] I suppose
[04:19] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:19] you'd better not go to sleep
[04:19] breathe
[04:20] it's all going down
[04:20] how many people are watching this non=sense
[04:20] < Smoke2k > stay here mother fucker
[04:20] everyone here
[04:20] :/
[04:20] < Smoke2k > whats web site
[04:20] web site is Christiania.org
[04:20] I
[04:20] phalaris doesn't make sense.. no telling what makes sense these days...
[04:20] < Smoke2k > i need it
[04:20] < Smoke2k > i need it
[04:20] < Smoke2k > now
[04:20] What's the cam site?
[04:20] < Smoke2k > yea
[04:20] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:20] < Smoke2k > thx
[04:20] ripper .. you should try as best to pass out in front of the cam
[04:20] wtf is that
[04:20] that is real
[04:20] hehe
[04:21] there
[04:21] there is a make black and white under effects
[04:21] i hope ripper doens't die or anyhting :<
[04:21] thats the perfect position
[04:21] look
[04:21] * Pnutbot looks
[04:21] if I'm laying there
[04:21] see if you can see me
[04:21] ripper
[04:21] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:21] yah
[04:21] good
[04:21] code a dead man's trigger
[04:21] leave it like that
[04:21] if you don't respond in X time
[04:21] it warns us
[04:21] LOL
[04:21] haha
[04:21] AND, HE'S GONE!
[04:21] ehh
[04:21] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:21] [04:21] < Smoke2k > did you just flash us
[04:21] oh dear where'd you get the strength to get back up
[04:21] I got some more drugs here somewhere
[04:21] LIZZOLE
[04:21] gimme a sec
[04:21] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:21] no ripper
[04:21] no ripper is steady massaging my blue balls since I got turned down by the raging dyke
[04:22] LOL
[04:22] don't
[04:22] RIPPER
[04:22] RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:22] < Smoke2k > LMAO
[04:22] NO
[04:22] don't be a dick
[04:22] dude
[04:22] ripper
[04:22] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:22] I haven't finished going through my bag
[04:22] no more
[04:22] < Smoke2k > jese fucking christ
[04:22] CUT IT OUT
[04:22] just smoke some weed
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] DUDE
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] SDFJDS
[04:22] < Smoke2k > fucking eat it
[04:22] < Smoke2k > fucking eat it
[04:22] STOP IT
[04:22] < Smoke2k > fucking eat it
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22]  STOP IT
[04:22]  STOP IT
[04:22]  STOP IT
[04:22]  STOP IT
[04:22] :(
[04:22] < Smoke2k > ripper knows what hes doing
[04:22] dfkgjdfg
[04:22]  STOP IT i dont care, !
[04:22]  STOP IT i dont care, stop it :(
[04:22] LOL
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] LOL
[04:22] < Smoke2k > LOL
[04:22] Ripper
[04:22] Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:22] he knows he's attempting suicide for the umpteenth time
[04:22] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:22] nth
[04:23] loEL
[04:23] degree
[04:23] degree is ALT-248 ¡
[04:23] stop it :(()~
[04:23] stick the pillz up yer noz
[04:23] alright
[04:23] there we go
[04:23] ripper
[04:23] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:23] 8mg klonopin the mix
[04:23] do you want to die or what?
[04:23] !!!!
[04:23] nah
[04:23] its safe
[04:23] I know what I'm doing
[04:23] When you stop breathing!
[04:23] < Smoke2k > ok look dude
[04:23] < Smoke2k > heres the plan
[04:23] Respitory depressssion
[04:23] < Smoke2k > cram the pill up your ass
[04:23] listen
[04:23] < Smoke2k > your already numb
[04:23] loel
[04:24] the domain registration
[04:24] what did you just do ripper
[04:24] on my website
[04:24] on my website are a bunch links to erowid, shroomery, all that in my link ssection
[04:24] < Smoke2k > look if we pay pal you enough money will you do it
[04:24] if you call the police
[04:24] and tell them
[04:24] * phalaris changes topic to ' 80mg methadone 8mg klonopin 120mg resotril 1.5 grams KB 4 grams mersh I just ate about 160mg inderal 8mg klonopin the mix'
[04:24] to lookf or a AE92GTS corlla GTS from 90
[04:24] around that street block
[04:24] wtf?
[04:24] Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:24] they'll find it
[04:24] dude
[04:24] < Smoke2k > look dude fucking cram it up your ass
[04:24] < Smoke2k > thats crazy ya know
[04:24] < Smoke2k > don't eat it
[04:24] < Smoke2k > your already numb
[04:24] riipper
[04:24] < Smoke2k > do it
[04:24] < Smoke2k > cram it
[04:24] wha
[04:24] < Smoke2k > cram it up your ass
[04:24] < Smoke2k > don't eat it
[04:24] RIPPER
[04:24] RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:24] :((((
[04:24] I got laid earlier
[04:24] < Smoke2k > thats too stupid
[04:24] < Smoke2k > don't
[04:24] CALL 911
[04:24] :D
[04:24] the chick watned it on tape
[04:24] < Smoke2k > man don't die
[04:25] CALL 911
[04:25] she had a tight pussy
[04:25] :D
[04:25] < Smoke2k > cram it up your ass
[04:25] no rubs
[04:25] I fucked her hard
[04:25] Haven't you heard of "Rationing"
[04:25] she was swollen
[04:25] < Smoke2k > hey man
[04:25] < Smoke2k > fucking show us the porn
[04:25] phalaris make him not die :[
[04:25] < Smoke2k > no more drugs for now
[04:25] u guys getting good frma rate
[04:25] < Smoke2k > not unless your cramming it up your ass
[04:25] hey
[04:25] who's calling the cops when he passes out?
[04:25] call his mom
[04:26] Who is?
[04:26] < Smoke2k > I will call his mom
[04:26] okay
[04:26] cool
[04:26] < Smoke2k > I got a cell right ere
[04:26] < Smoke2k > here
[04:26] here is a view of my bed
[04:26] my mom is stupid thought
[04:26] actually
[04:26] < Smoke2k > gimme number you crazy fucks
[04:26] hrees my cell
[04:26] take some stims!
[04:26] in fase anything goe
[04:26] wrong
[04:26] my cell
[04:26] my cell is working again now, you have the #?
[04:26] < Smoke2k > yea go eat some crank
[04:26] heh
[04:26] (602)434-1016
[04:26] Smoke2k , you'er going to bed in a while
[04:26] k
[04:26] k is, like, better
[04:26] thats my cell
[04:26] call if I look dead
[04:26] < Smoke2k > no
[04:26] ok ay
[04:26] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:26] someone call him now and talk to his ass
[04:27] alright
[04:27] * hast has joined #shroomery
[04:27] talking could be good
[04:27] ripper
[04:27] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:27] lets get hast to call him
[04:27] I'm getting kinda board
[04:27] if you DIE
[04:27] ayo
[04:27] I get free LD
[04:27] < Smoke2k > i am
[04:27] hast
[04:27] hast is having cosmic revelations.
[04:27] < Smoke2k > :)
[04:27] who wwants to talk
[04:27] call ripper
[04:27] he is dying
[04:27] what's wrong with him
[04:27] he took mega pills
[04:27] look at topic
[04:27] topic
[04:27] topic is good
[04:27] ^^
[04:27] 1,8(4,8o1,8^_^4,8o1,8)
[04:27] plus the 130mg inderol
[04:27] and the 8mg klonopin
[04:28] well
[04:28] the way i see it
[04:28] the way i see it is that you put a person (your child) into a situation (life) without their consent. it is therefore you who are obligated to the child, rather than the other way around
[04:28] dude
[04:28] he's got two options
[04:28] look at him
[04:28] get his stomach pumped
[04:28] 130 + 160 ?
[04:28] 290
[04:28] what is he doing
[04:28] or die
[04:28] talking isn't giong to do shit
[04:28] LOL
[04:28] rippercam
[04:28] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:28] he's dead
[04:28] happy trails
[04:28] he's on the phone with someone
[04:28] RIPPER
[04:28] RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:28] come on man
[04:28] call the cops
[04:28] dude
[04:28] am talking to smoke
[04:28] don't make me tape this video stream and ebay it later
[04:28] everyting is ok
[04:29] smoke will report
[04:29] that would own
[04:29] how slurred is his speach?
[04:29] ripper
[04:29] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:29] just call 911
[04:29] < Smoke2k > hes so slurred
[04:29] and tell them you took a whole lot of pills
[04:29] haha
[04:29] they'll fix you up
[04:29] >:(
[04:29] RIPPER
[04:29] RIPPER is a gangster!!!
[04:29] IF YOU DIE
[04:29] or
[04:29] I SWEAR TO GOD!
[04:29] go crack some raw eggs
[04:30] and slurp them down
[04:30] until you puke
[04:30] haha
[04:30] yeah dude
[04:30] induce vomiting
[04:30] * phalaris changes topic to ' 80mg methadone 8mg klonopin 120mg resotril 1.5 grams KB 4 grams mersh I just ate about 160mg inderal I drank some 151 8mg klonopin the mix'
[04:30] that's a really good idea
[04:30] whats 151?
[04:30] 151 is always a blast
[04:30] Ripper
[04:30] Ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:30] Go puke dude
[04:30] oh
[04:30] whats 151?
[04:30] rumour has it 151 is always a blast
[04:30] whats 151?
[04:30] 151 is always a blast
[04:30] please!
[04:30] bacardi 151
[04:30] 151 proof liquor
[04:30] OMG
[04:30] LOL
[04:30] !
[04:30] proof
[04:30] proof is that we outlive our teeth
[04:31] ahaha
[04:31] dude
[04:31] thats a lo of proof!
[04:31] heh
[04:31] 151 / 2
[04:31] 75.5
[04:31] where's he at
[04:31] he is waiting for his friend who obviously has a problem
[04:31] < Smoke2k > hes alive
[04:31] i mean geographically
[04:31] he's at a one man brothel
[04:31] < Smoke2k > and tellin me about cam
[04:31] Smoke2k , the pills take a while to kick in dude
[04:31] Dude
[04:31] Once wave 2 kicks in
[04:31] hm
[04:31] where
[04:31] he's gone
[04:31] is
[04:31] he
[04:31] he is a homo
[04:31] at
[04:31] smoke
[04:31] rumour has it smoke is fine
[04:32] his domain
[04:32] whois is
[04:32] k
[04:32] k is better
[04:32] what is it
[04:32] kolonopinz.com
[04:32] or something
[04:32] better than nothing
[04:32] rippercam
[04:32] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:32] :()
[04:32] Administrative Contact:
[04:32] Get Ripped Productions
[04:32] B Ripper
[04:32] 2000 W. Village Dr.
[04:32] Phoenix, AZ 85023
[04:32] US
[04:32] US is a nasty customer too.
[04:32] (602)555-1234
[04:32] 6604@whois.gkg.net
[04:32] shi
[04:32] oh
[04:32] that numbenr is fake
[04:32] you're in pheonix
[04:32] so here's what you do
[04:32] call the pheonix police
[04:32] tell them what's going on
[04:32] and that's that
[04:33] call the hospital
[04:33] How do they know where to find him?
[04:33] i'm damn sure not getting involved with the authorities
[04:33] * Pnutbot has quit IRC (Leaving: regrouping; bbiab)
[04:33] noone is hast :(
[04:33] Stay anonymous
[04:33] heh
[04:33] opdivert
[04:33] * Pnutbot has joined #shroomery
[04:33] * ChanServ sets mode: +h Pnutbot
[04:33] S[04:33] Smoke2k [04:33] are you on the phoen with him?
[04:33] < Smoke2k > hey]
[04:33] < Smoke2k > yea\
[04:33] Is he still okay/
[04:33] < Smoke2k > uhuh
[04:33] hmm
[04:33] i duno
[04:34] after reading that again
[04:34] thats a lot of pills
[04:34] but
[04:34] Heh
[04:34] < Smoke2k > hes tellin about motel
[04:34] i don't think it's lethal
[04:34] besides
[04:34] * spiritualnexus has joined #shroomery
[04:34] ripper is a kolono crackhead
[04:34] respitory depression
[04:34] he has a tolerance
[04:34] yeah
[04:34] hey
[04:34] that's true
[04:34] glad to see there are people in this room
[04:34] i think he'll be fine.
[04:34] well
[04:34] justtalk to him
[04:34] going to sleep is bad
[04:34] hast, lots of methadone, and alhcohol and .. klonopinz
[04:34] ya
[04:34] its porbably going to be hard not to fall asleep
[04:35] heh
[04:35] yes
[04:35] has anyone here have tried Salvia Divinorum?
[04:35] lol
[04:35] what would the shroomery backbone be without ripper
[04:35] Someone has to stay on the phone with him
[04:35] I have
[04:35] did you have a nice experience?
[04:35] yeah
[04:35] it's almost as good as nicotine extract
[04:35] hmm... can't say it was incredibly possitive
[04:35] you should try it
[04:35] most of us have tryed salvia
[04:35] had a lot of tinlging that distracted me
[04:35] um
[04:35] you know how to smoke it right?
[04:36] you're not gonna try smoke it in a joint or something
[04:36] hey
[04:36] what's up, hast
[04:36] i don't want to sound like the insensitive ass here
[04:36] but what exactly is ativan
[04:36] < Smoke2k > hes here
[04:36] ativan?
[04:36] somebody said ativan was not a benzo
[04:36] is a micro torch necessary absolutely?
[04:36] yes
[04:36] well yah heh
[04:36] < Smoke2k > he is eating
[04:36] good
[04:37] hmm... i laughed a little on it
[04:37] food will
[04:37] g
[04:37] Grams
[04:37] and cried a little on it...
[04:37] did you poo your pants ?
[04:37] !erowid ativan
[04:37] http://www.erowid.org/cgi-bin/search/htsearch.cgi?config=&words=12ativan [04:37] hast , try http://www.erowid.org/cgi-bin/search/htsearch.cgi?words=ativan [04:37] do any of you know any drugs/meds for Intrusive thoughts, or OCD?
[04:37] calming thoughts
[04:37] meditation
[04:37] meditation is, like, strange
[04:37] and good social awareness
[04:38] it's a true behavioral fluke that needs some attention
[04:38] i don't think these pills are ativans
[04:38] not passifiction
[04:38] is there a place where you can look up pills by the inscriptions on them?
[04:38] rxlist
[04:38] rxlist is my special friend
[04:39] i think
[04:39] you can search by pill number
[04:39] i tried there already
[04:39] oh
[04:39] oh
[04:39] really?
[04:39] really is there any place on the net that I can read where others have put brain power into devising ways to grow weed subversively?
[04:39] i just used the generic search
[04:39] i think
[04:39] < Smoke2k > how much bread should he eat?
[04:39] ripper needs a PS2 now
[04:40] yah heh
[04:40] and a puking session
[04:40] he'd probably end up eating his puke though
[04:40] id eat his puke
[04:40] its gonna have amny shit in there
[04:40] you'd die on his puke
[04:41] i can probably make like a 2 day stash from his puke
[04:41] yah hah
[04:41] id gelcap it
[04:41] hehe
[04:41] RipperPukeZ
[04:41] 20mg
[04:41] 20mg is enough for me
[04:41] < Smoke2k > eat a whole loaf
[04:41] haha
[04:41] < Smoke2k > well
[04:41] < Smoke2k > is it smart
[04:41] get him some ipeacac
[04:41] < Smoke2k > hes straight fucked
[04:41] are you still talking to him?
[04:41] < Smoke2k > he sounds like he is 12
[04:42] heh
[04:42] < Smoke2k > should he
[04:42] haha thats the pot :D
[04:42] he should have just sticked to the methadone thing
[04:43] that doesn't sound enough for someone who cooks his own KlonoKrak
[04:43] < Smoke2k > he is not discontinuing eating bread to smoke pot until he has a answer
[04:43] no
[04:43] ug?
[04:43] ug is micrograms. the u is supposed to be the greek letter mu, lower case.
[04:43] what he needs to do
[04:43] is call a fucking doctor
[04:43] some shit
[04:43] some shit is just poison
[04:43] if partially digested
[04:43] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:43] can fuck you up worse if you puke
[04:43] < Smoke2k > damn
[04:43] haven't you ever seen the rx bottles
[04:43] that say
[04:43] yh
[04:43] < Smoke2k > well I am talking
[04:43] cause
[04:44] < Smoke2k > I will tell him whatever
[04:44] i mean dont get me wrong
[04:44] hast is right actually
[04:44] < Smoke2k > what do yall suggest
[04:44] if its between that and death
[04:44] and hes not gona call the authorities
[04:44] wharf it up
[04:44] better than taking a chance
[04:44] I think that has to do with eating an acid or poison
[04:44] hey fuys
[04:44] look
[04:44] better yet
[04:44] * Pnutbot looks
[04:44] do this
[04:44] call poison control
[04:44] you shoudl nutralize it with milk
[04:44] they'll tell you what to do
[04:44] yah
[04:44] and they wont sent cops
[04:44] call poison control, they wont send authoritis and shit
[04:44] they'll just help you
[04:44] any of you could call poison control
[04:44] someone fnd the number
[04:44] i cant because i'm twacked out of my mind
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] alrgiht
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] '24mg klonopin
[04:45] ok
[04:45] tonight is a good night
[04:45] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:45] Someone
[04:45] Someone is gonan break soe shit
[04:45] Give me a list
[04:45] of all he's done
[04:45] in a PM
[04:45] and i'll call poison control
[04:45] the first 8mg hasn't kick in yet
[04:45] < Smoke2k > damn
[04:45] and you took another 8mg
[04:45] * phalaris changes topic to ' 80mg methadone 8mg klonopin 120mg resotril 1.5 grams KB 4 grams mersh I just ate about 160mg inderal I drank some 151 8mg klonopin the mix '24mg klonopin'
[04:45] < Smoke2k > he is slurred and very coherent
[04:45] well ripper
[04:45] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:46] just because 8mg is okay alone mixing it makes it mre potent
[04:46] and has more risks
[04:46] dude
[04:46] lol
[04:46] yeah ripper
[04:46] they'll think it's a prank
[04:46] step 1 might be to STOP EATING the shit
[04:46] that would be neat to see him mixing up psychedelics
[04:46] yeah, and from what i understand everyone thought pnut's suicide threat was a joke too
[04:46] i was JUST thiking about that phalaris
[04:46] < Smoke2k > He says you can suck his dick Oea
[04:47] haha
[04:47] ??
[04:47] < Smoke2k > he is going to drink another bottle of methadone I think
[04:47] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:47] < Smoke2k > LOL
[04:47] wtf?
[04:47] Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:47] JSD
[04:47] NO
[04:47] DUDE
[04:47] look
[04:47] * Pnutbot looks
[04:47] NO
[04:47] ripper is fakking hardcore
[04:47] llook
[04:47] < Smoke2k > he has to
[04:47] 400mcg LSD 2 grams mesc 100mg 5Meo DMT 8 grams shrooms
[04:47] haha hast is meth^m
[04:47] other people cannot handle
[04:47] yeah
[04:47] i'd call up poison control
[04:47] jesus
[04:47] Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm [04:47] i ahve before
[04:47] whoa
[04:47] whoa is right
[04:48] thatsa lot
[04:48] but
[04:48] 320mg methadone
[04:48] jesus
[04:48] Jesus healed the lame! With Cannabis Oil!!! http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2633187.stm [04:48] BUNCHA POOSIES
[04:48] ripper: did you drink mre methadone?
[04:48] < Smoke2k > ripper is either hardcore or ungodly or crazy or one hell of a poser
[04:48] man .. alcohol gives me enough of a buzz
[04:48] dude 80mg is more than enough
[04:48] me too phalaris
[04:48] he R not posOr
[04:48] if he is telling the truth
[04:48] he is dead
[04:48] heh
[04:48] the opiates should do you in
[04:48] < Smoke2k > when you do alot of methadone your supposed to keep it hot right
[04:48] yeah
[04:48] I took
[04:48] < Smoke2k > thats what he is asking
[04:48] 4 80mg bottles
[04:49] fgh
[04:49] h
[04:49] h is too addictive.. so always stayed clear of it
[04:49] dfh;'dfkhrf
[04:49] putting benzos into it doesn't seem to change anything
[04:49] he's gone
[04:49] pls all the other stuff
[04:49] ripper
[04:49] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:49] i really love you man
[04:49] ripper
[04:49] ripper is a gangster!!!
[04:49] i love you
[04:49] its sad to see you die like this
[04:49] :(
[04:49] byeb ye
[04:49] NOW
[04:49] I told u I was hardcore
[04:49] ripper: we knew that already
[04:49] fuck u
[04:49] pusys
[04:49] u are so fucking stupid
[04:50] we're not the ones about to fucking die
[04:50] heh
[04:50] we are?
[04:50] The coolest mutha funkaz on the planet
[04:50] * Dell500 has joined #shroomery
[04:50] aaha pnut
[04:50] all this movement
[04:50] howdy
[04:50] P
[04:50] P is for poop!
[04:50] O
[04:50] O
[04:50] S
[04:50] rippercam
[04:50] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:50] you'd think the body would purge
[04:50] I
[04:50] E
[04:50] E is better than alcohol
[04:50] S
[04:50] purge?
[04:50] purge is not needed
[04:50] puke
[04:50] puke is good.
[04:51] oh
[04:51] forget puke
[04:51] grphish: I forgot puke
[04:51] all those downers?
[04:51] < Smoke2k > damn
[04:51] i don't think he has the strength to puke
[04:51] heh
[04:51] < Smoke2k > he swears he is not goin to pass out
[04:51] he thinks you are a pussy for thinking he has no strength now
[04:51] Smoke2k , wait till the drugs really kick in
[04:51] i just got a bag o' shroomz, now i was just wondering what's the nonwasteful best way to eat them
[04:51] or whatever
[04:51] with your mouth?
[04:51] strength in taking an overdose
[04:52] poison control is 1-800-222-1222
[04:52] < Smoke2k > isn't it physically impossible to not pass out
[04:52] poison control
[04:52] poison control is on the fucking line!@
[04:52] poison control
[04:52] poison control is on the fucking line!@
[04:52] poison control
[04:52] poison control is on the fucking line!@
[04:52] :(
[04:52] heh
[04:52] MOUTH
[04:52] rumour has it MOUTH is great too
[04:52] forget poison control
[04:52] grphish: I forgot poison control
[04:52] poison control is 1-800-222-1222
[04:52] poison control
[04:52] 1-800-222-1222
[04:52] i'll tell you what he needs
[04:52] a nice harsh stimulant
[04:53] come on over ripper
[04:53] yeah
[04:53] I wonder if ripper is numb now
[04:53] i'll line you up a nice fat line
[04:53] you definately won't be passing out
[04:53] phalaris, 360mg of methadone will do that to you .
[04:53] < Smoke2k > he cann't figure out how to dial my home phone number
[04:53] < Smoke2k > he is tore
[04:53] wait I think he should have been from the first drug he took
[04:53] < Smoke2k > lol
[04:53] Smoke2k [04:53] you not on the phone with him
[04:53] anymore?
[04:53] rumour has it anymore is a nice place
[04:53] i know what they'll tell you
[04:53] man... the need to get higher....
[04:53] they'll tell you to call the police
[04:53] or the hospital
[04:53] the hospital is the world of medicine
[04:53] someone needs to call him
[04:53] rippercam
[04:53] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:53] rippercam
[04:53] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:53] rippercam
[04:53] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:54] he's gone
[04:54] < Smoke2k > hes fuckin not responding
[04:54] iht
[04:54] < Smoke2k > walls keep shiftionmg
[04:54] @!
[04:54] @ is a character.
[04:54] he's passed out
[04:54] look at the cam
[04:54] look
[04:54] * Pnutbot looks
[04:54] rippercam
[04:54] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:54] rippercam
[04:54] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:54] nice leopard skin shits
[04:54] comeone call
[04:54] someone call someone
[04:54] shit
[04:54] shit is going to hit the fan soon
[04:54] sheets
[04:54] sheets are like 350
[04:54] looks like his mouth is moving
[04:55] < Smoke2k > i am talking to him
[04:55] he moved
[04:55] he moved
[04:55] lol
[04:55] how long ago was all this btw
[04:55] Ripper: get up and move around!
[04:55] around 20 minutes?
[04:55] ohboy
[04:55] around 20 minutes?
[04:55] heh
[04:55] ./notice him
[04:55] dude
[04:55] the klonopins haven't even
[04:55] it makes sound
[04:55] starter
[04:55] nothing is digested yet
[04:55] yet
[04:55] started
[04:55] go toss your cookies
[04:55] klonopiuns last ALL DAY
[04:55] unless of course you want to die
[04:55] hast, he was already fucked up from before.
[04:55] oh
[04:55] i'm talking to him
[04:56] and he's laying on the bed
[04:56] effectively pissing into the wind
[04:56] smoke
[04:56] smoke is fine
[04:56] he better go puke
[04:56] < Smoke2k > i am trying to talk him into dancing for us
[04:56] i say you call the cops
[04:56] fuck
[04:56] give them his number
[04:56] lO
[04:56] Ll
[04:56] and send them over
[04:56] he's using a cel phone
[04:56] oh
[04:56] they can't trace it
[04:56] < Smoke2k > he fuckin won't respond
[04:56] < Smoke2k > what the fuck
[04:56] < Smoke2k > heuy
[04:56] he told us hw to find him
[04:56] CALL
[04:56] one second
[04:56] < Smoke2k > hy
[04:56] http://www.shroomery.org/forums/files/102702-5/3596-kumi55.gif [04:56] SOMEONE
[04:56] SOMEONE is gonan break soe shit
[04:56] its up there
[04:56] He said
[04:56] WHOIS
[04:57] prepare to evacuate soul
[04:57] rippercam
[04:57] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [04:57] KLONOPINZ.COM
[04:57] i guess KLONOPINZ.COM is gonna rock
[04:57] WHOIS IS
[04:57] lolol
[04:57] they alerady did
[04:57] oh
[04:57] nobody ever lists real info there
[04:57] smoke2k [04:57] try to get us
[04:57] !domain klonopinz.com
[04:57] his real address
[04:57]  klonopinz.com  Registrant: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 6604@whois.gkg.net
[04:57]  klonopinz.com  Administrative Contact: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 6604@whois.gkg.net
[04:57]  klonopinz.com 
[04:57] klonopinz.com is gonna rock
[04:57] what's a good recipe??
[04:57] smoke2k [04:57] try to get us
[04:57] smoke2k [04:57] his real address
[04:57] you know
[04:57] who needs to be involved here
[04:57] is a server admin
[04:57] who can get his ip
[04:57] why
[04:58] the ip won''t help
[04:58] yes it will
[04:58] how?
[04:58] they can totally traceroute an ip
[04:58] yes
[04:58] i guess it'd probably take a while though
[04:58] but that only fives you to his isp
[04:58] nobody will be around
[04:58] if it was only 20 minutes ago
[04:58] unless it's a big isp
[04:58] the shit isnt kicking in yet
[04:58] did he smoke the kolono
[04:58] what is kolonocrack?
[04:58] freebase klonopin?
[04:58] i guess
[04:58] guessing is not a good idea
[04:58] wtf
[04:58] Willy The Fudgee-o
[04:59] heh.. poor ripper
[04:59] freebasing benzos?
[04:59] he's got #shroomery in a scuffle
[04:59] yah :(
[04:59] im all sad
[04:59] * phalaris has quit IRC (Leaving: those who truely get high never come back...)
[04:59] hes talking on the phone
[04:59] oh look he isn't dead
[04:59] how bout that
[04:59] yay
[04:59] my last bit of advice is
[04:59] riiper
[04:59] if you don't want to call the hospital
[04:59] toss your cookies
[04:59] hows it hanging/
[05:00] toss your cookies?
[05:00] i really don't know anything about anything you took
[05:00] i'd strongly suggest calling the hospital
[05:00] but if you're not going to
[05:00] barf
[05:00] but
[05:00] as far as my knowledge goes
[05:00] that might not even be a lethal dose
[05:00] barfing might now be a good idea
[05:00] yah
[05:00] well
[05:00] the copmbination though
[05:00] ya
[05:00] eh
[05:00] itll suck
[05:00] dont get me wrong
[05:00] but
[05:00] 360mg methadone would do you in
[05:01] wtf
[05:01] Willy The Fudgee-o
[05:01] heh
[05:01] he didnt eat 360mg of methadone
[05:01] yes
[05:01] he did
[05:01] < Smoke2k > he is settin me a vpn up
[05:01] 4 80mg bottles
[05:01] oh
[05:01] heh
[05:01] He's gone
[05:01] < Smoke2k > hes fuckin crazy
[05:01] you better hope he's lying
[05:01] 3.4g methadone
[05:01] yeah
[05:01] im hoping he is
[05:01] is enough to kill kurt cobain
[05:02] 3.4g > 360mg
[05:02] heh
[05:02] er
[05:02] er is for pussy
[05:02] rofl
[05:02] whatever dude
[05:02] you mean
[05:02] im not sitting here flipping my fuckin wig
[05:02] 340mg
[05:02] LOL
[05:02] call the hospital
[05:02] thats that
[05:02] i'm out
[05:02] * hast has quit IRC (Leaving: good luck)
[05:02] hast is on crank
[05:02] he's gone i tell you
[05:02] yeah
[05:02] Hey
[05:02] If ripper dies
[05:02] i got tabs
[05:02] on hsi drugs
[05:03] < Smoke2k > hes makin vpn
[05:03] if there's any lef
[05:03] t
[05:03] for what?
[05:03] * spiritualnexus has left #shroomery ( www.Darker.net - Dare Thee Expose Thy Darker Side?)
[05:03] a vpn to do.....?
[05:03] < Smoke2k > for my personal benefit
[05:03] Get his address
[05:03] < Smoke2k > hey chat with me grphish
[05:03] < Smoke2k > msg me
[05:03] < Smoke2k > pm
[05:03] Someone has a crush on you
[05:04] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~shoa
[05:04] I'm fukcin
[05:04] heh
[05:04] ripper
[05:04] ripper is a gangster!!!
[05:04] are you alright?
[05:04] ??
[05:05] < Smoke2k > yea
[05:05] < Smoke2k > :)
[05:05] < Smoke2k > hes on phone
[05:06] < Smoke2k > well or not
[05:06] < Smoke2k > hes severely fucked up I guess but coherent enough to do computer tasks
[05:06] ?
[05:06] < Smoke2k > he ceases to amaze me
[05:06] he can't talk?
[05:07] < Smoke2k > I don't know he just mumbled into phone something like fuck that and hung up
[05:07] < Smoke2k > but he was working on vpn
[05:07] < Smoke2k > I guess lol
[05:07] he hung up??
[05:07] < Smoke2k > hes prolly goin to black out again or something
[05:07] uhh
[05:07] if he blacks out
[05:07] he is gone
[05:07] u kno dis?
[05:07] he will cease to breath autonomically
[05:08] < Smoke2k > what does he list his last name as?
[05:08] uh
[05:08] is ripper dead?
[05:08] yeah
[05:08] just about
[05:09] CALL
[05:09] THE
[05:09] a piece of shit
[05:09] almost
[05:09] FUCKING
[05:09] :((((
[05:09] COPS
[05:09] COPS are blind followers
[05:09] NO
[05:09] poison control
[05:09] 1-800-222-1222
[05:09] poison control
[05:09] 1-800-222-1222
[05:09] poison control
[05:09] 1-800-222-1222
[05:09] poison control
[05:09] 1-800-222-1222
[05:09] NOW
[05:09] < Smoke2k > no
[05:09] < Smoke2k > wait
[05:09] wait is that legal?
[05:09] < Smoke2k > what did yall put his last name as
[05:09] < Smoke2k > I will fucking verify it
[05:10] < Smoke2k > I got brandon something with a v for his last name
[05:10] < Smoke2k > maybe its true
[05:10] You guys
[05:10] You guys are right
[05:10] fuck
[05:10] what about his phone
[05:10] was it a cell
[05:10] yah
[05:10] He is moving :D
[05:10] The s.c. LD50 in rats is 44 mg for methadone
[05:10] he has a webcam?
[05:10] can i see?
[05:10] rippercam
[05:10] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [05:10] rippercam
[05:10] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [05:11] call him
[05:11] call him
[05:11] < Smoke2k > fuck that
[05:11] < Smoke2k > I am tired and about to get off
[05:11] it's the same image every time
[05:12] he left
[05:12] jap
[05:12] vegan
[05:12] he took 360mg of methadone
[05:12] (602)434-1016
[05:12] (602)434-1016v
[05:12] there he is
[05:12] ripper
[05:12] ripper is a gangster!!!
[05:12] whats up
[05:12] Brandon Vitas
[05:12] I think
[05:13] ???
[05:13] < Smoke2k > yea
[05:13] whitepages
[05:13] < Smoke2k > well if he really is fucked then you need to call his mom
[05:13] < Smoke2k > no poison control
[05:13] is he stuck
[05:13] < Smoke2k > and if he is bullshitting
[05:13] < Smoke2k > then it will teach him a lesson and embarrass the fuck out of him
[05:13] < Smoke2k > :)
[05:13] < Smoke2k > just wait
[05:13] < Smoke2k > someone call him
[05:13] I have been trying
[05:13] leave him alone
[05:13] his phone is off
[05:14] hes fine
[05:14] < Smoke2k > I think it died
[05:14] < Smoke2k > get on yahoo his name is klonopinz
[05:14] < Smoke2k > see if he is cool
[05:14] !domain klonopinz.com
[05:14]  klonopinz.com 
[05:14] i heard klonopinz.com was gonna rock
[05:14] !whois klonopinz.com
[05:14] !help
[05:15] domain klonopinz.com
[05:15] !Molokobot
[05:15] Oea - Try these: !google !images !groups !alt.drugs !csp !mapquest !topozone
[05:15] These: !rxlist !imprint !pills !pillcity !pillchem !tabers !websters !thesaurus !news
[05:15] Or These: !erowid !domain !ebay !ebay.nl !imdb !lasturl !forex !fxchart !ascii !weird !slang !spores
[05:15] !domain klonopinz.com
[05:15]  klonopinz.com  Registrant: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 6604@whois.gkg.net
[05:15]  klonopinz.com  Administrative Contact: Get Ripped Productions B Ripper 2000 W. Village Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85023 US (602)555-1234 6604@whois.gkg.net
[05:15]  klonopinz.com 
[05:15] klonopinz.com is gonna rock
[05:15] Hmm
[05:15] Why is he just sitting there
[05:15] holding his head
[05:15] why not
[05:15] ??
[05:15] dude
[05:16] what r hsi lastr name
[05:16] i think he stopped the camera
[05:16] < Smoke2k > who the fuck has a 1234 number
[05:16] < Smoke2k > no one
[05:16] no one is worthy
[05:16] < Smoke2k > thats bullshit
[05:16] < Smoke2k > well I guess he might be alive he might not
[05:16] < Smoke2k > did you check yahoo?
[05:16] he's gone
[05:17] i sent him a message
[05:17] Klonopinz?
[05:17] Klonopinz is such a cool host
[05:17] < Smoke2k > yea
[05:17] < Smoke2k > well man I am fucking tired
[05:17] he's not responding
[05:17] < Smoke2k > its been fun watching this stunt
[05:18] < Smoke2k > I suggest you call poison control on his ass
[05:18] < Smoke2k > thats fucking crazy what he did
[05:18] Uhh
[05:18] Wt
[05:18] f
[05:18] fahrenheit !
[05:18] How?
[05:18] I have no info on him
[05:18] < Smoke2k > he swore he didn't pass out
[05:18] < Smoke2k > but he did
[05:18] < Smoke2k > well tell them his moms cell
[05:18] why would he stop the cam?
[05:18] < Smoke2k > they can some how trace it or something
[05:18] No
[05:18] they can't!
[05:18] !!!
[05:18] i need his las name
[05:19] (602)434-1016
[05:19] fine
[05:19] i will call the phone company
[05:19] what provider is it?
[05:19] no dude
[05:19] the hospital is the world of medicine
[05:19] i will tell them i need her info
[05:19] stat
[05:19] stat is NURse GEt Me THat haMMer!
[05:19] WTF
[05:19] Willy The Fudgee-o
[05:19] they wont iver it to u
[05:19] poison control
[05:19] 1-800-222-1222
[05:19] Ripper you fuck, if you are joking
[05:19] fuck you
[05:19] i cam calling poison control
[05:19] < Smoke2k > good
[05:20] < Smoke2k > that dumb fuck is going to die
[05:20] < Smoke2k > he just passed out awhile ago
[05:20] < Smoke2k > he prolly just did it again
[05:20] < Smoke2k > I hope he gets mad cause this is a stunt worthy of us helping him if it isn't
[05:20] 360 mg of methadone
[05:20] will kill him right there
[05:20] < Smoke2k > either way he is a idiot in my opinion
[05:21] dont
[05:21] do
[05:21] do is such a futuuuristic word
[05:21] it
[05:21] < Smoke2k > Oea what is poison control saying
[05:21] < Smoke2k > what if he dies
[05:21] ong
[05:21] they said
[05:21] call 911 right now
[05:21] and he is almost assured dead
[05:21] if we dont'
[05:21] heh
[05:21] wtf
[05:21] Willy The Fudgee-o
[05:21] < Smoke2k > lol
[05:21] wtf
[05:21] Willy The Fudgee-o
[05:21] Where does he live?
[05:21] wjhat city?
[05:21] < Smoke2k > damn this is insane
[05:21] WHAT CITY?
[05:21] * Pnutbot wants to move to these towns! http://www.lifeisajoke.com/miscellaneous57_html.htm [05:21] if this is a joke
[05:22] < Smoke2k > fucking phoenix i am pretty sure
[05:22] i swear
[05:22] okay
[05:22] < Smoke2k > might not want to do that
[05:22] < Smoke2k > but then again I don't know
[05:22] < Smoke2k > he might just be fucked up and not have stuff straight
[05:22] < Smoke2k > you could really fucking get him arrested
[05:22] < Smoke2k > damn this is hard call
[05:22] < Smoke2k > yall make it
[05:22] < Smoke2k > good night
[05:22] * Smoke2k has quit IRC (Leaving: )
[05:23] i am on line with 911
[05:23] is this the right choice?
[05:23] NO
[05:23] ??
[05:23] mayb
[05:23] probably is
[05:23] just tell him for help
[05:23] or somehting
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] NO
[05:24] lolol
[05:24] okay
[05:24] i talked my way out of it
[05:24] didn't give them any info
[05:24] But the Kay
[05:24] fuck it...
[05:24] whatever
[05:24] 360mg is a LETHAL OVERDOSE
[05:24] just so you know
[05:24] they siad there's nothing they can do
[05:24] with just a cell phon enumber
[05:29] * pjs has joined #shroomery
[05:29] * ChanServ sets mode: +o pjs
[05:29] .....
[05:30] heh
[05:30] RIP ripper
[05:30] :[
[05:32] rippercam
[05:32] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [05:37] * hast has joined #shroomery
[05:42] eh
[05:42] webcam
[05:42] i heard webcam was almost up
[05:42] hm
[05:42] konopincam
[05:42] what was that cam again
[05:42] hey ripper
[05:42] what's the url to your cam
[05:42] your cam is hosted by my machine
[05:42] lol
[05:43] it's off
[05:43] the cam is off
[05:44] he's gone
[05:44] heleft?
[05:44] no
[05:44] he stopped responding
[05:44] no responce on cell
[05:44] yahoo
[05:44] yahoo is slow
[05:44] irc
[05:44] It's the ultmate 1950s science fiction horror scenario: "IN THE FUTURE, PEOPLE WILL SIT AROUND ALL DAY WATCHING TELEVISION AND PRESSING BUTTONS"
[05:45] did anyone call poison control
[05:45] i went to eat and now im back
[05:46] * Dell500 has quit IRC (Leaving: )
[05:47] yeah
[05:47] they (and 911) said there's nothing they can do
[05:47] with just the cell #
[05:48] ripper cam
[05:48] :(
[05:48] rippercam
[05:48] http://www.klonopinz.com/webcam.html [05:48] those who trully get high, never come back
[05:48] :(
[05:48] you will never know if he died unless he get back on here
[05:49] i know
[05:49] thats kinda freaky
[05:49] yeah
[05:49] oh well
[05:49] then all the logs get to be analyzed
[05:49] * daba has joined #shroomery
[05:49] and we all get to be investigated
[05:49] hello
[05:50] anyone awake?
[05:50] yes
[05:50] oh shit
[05:50] shit is going to hit the fan soon
[05:50] you're rifght

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Friday, March 30, 2007

You Know You're A Loser If You See Yourself On Don'tDateHimGirl.com

donny "donald, the don, the donny" newton

what happened already to the profile you or your friend posted of yourself? oh I see you got rid of it cuz you threatened people with your brand new knife. don't you think I am smart enough to save the info and pirnt it. deleting it doesn't get rid of it. people can save it to cd's and all... don't you know that computer genius. what's wrong upset cause you found someone who can get 1 up on you???? poor baby. it's funny though cause you think you know who I am and you have no friegan clue. but try to do things to someone cause the police have full reports on you. and you have a record already don't you donald ray newton. keep bragging about how tough you are and about all your weaposn and how you do teenagers.. keep it up!

Nick "c_townnova" Branch

Ok ladies, definately stay away from this one. He's a major player.He lives in Geneva, Alabama.He has a fiance but he likes to meet girls on the internet and keep them on the side. He also likes to visit his mistress while he's supposed to be at "work", and his fiance has no idea. He also likes to text girls and he'll pretend like he loves you just to mess with you. I also know that he uses yahoo and myspace to meet his woman. And he has a hatred for black woman but he wont tell you that until he's through with you. He also hates when a woman is going to college, he thinks all woman should be at home with the kids.

Gabriel "Book" Watkins

Ladies stand clear!! He's very attractive and charming. Beautiful smile must I add. He has 2 kids for 2 different women and a 3rd was on the way but was miscarried and constantly denied that it was his but was still fucking the girl. Doesn't care about anyone's feelings but his own. He goes around screwing women with no protection. He just purchased a Ford truck but before depended on his motorcycle. Man hate to be him on a rainy day!!!Lol. Has nothing but baby momma drama. If you end up messing with him please be aware that he will get mad at you when he sees you with someone else or talking to someone. Oh did i forget to mention that he has a woman, so to say, in ATL. Mind you her profile says in a relationship but his says single. Do I smell a whore. Yeah this bitch is stankin to high heaven. He's the nut that his mom should have swallowed when she had the chance. What an ass. Sex.... not good! But can work the tongue a little. Licks from roota to tha toota. If you know what i mean. Only a 1 min man and I mean literally a 1min man. After he gets his he's done and can't get a hard again for the rest of the week. So please "DON'T DATE HIM GIRL!"

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Amber Alert Update - Lars and Remi Baugher Found Safe

Amber Alert Canceled for 2 Washington Children
The Washington State Police and the State of Montana canceled the Amber Alert after the children were recovered safe and the suspect taken into custody in Denver on Thursday afternoon.

Baugher faces lengthy trip through legal system
John Baugher, who was arrested for custodial interference more than a thousand miles from his children’s home in Walla Walla, is facing a lengthy walk through the legal system for abducting his children and could be facing up to a decade in prison.

Baugher, arrested early Thursday afternoon in Idaho Springs, Colorado will appear in a Clear Creek County courtroom Friday morning where he’ll be advised of the arrest warrant against him and the judge will explain his rights involving extradition back to Washington State on two charges of custodial interference.

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Kathy Sierra's Life Threatened / Comment Spammers Beware - There Is No Such Thing As Total Anonymity

Death threats against bloggers are NOT "protected speech" (why I cancelled my ETech presentations)
As I type this, I am supposed to be in San Diego, delivering a workshop at the ETech conference. But I'm not. I'm at home, with the doors locked, terrified. For the last four weeks, I've been getting death threat comments on this blog. But that's not what pushed me over the edge. What finally did it was some disturbing threats of violence and sex posted on two other blogs... blogs authored and/or owned by a group that includes prominent bloggers. People you've probably heard of. People like respected Cluetrain Manifesto co-author Chris Locke (aka Rageboy).

Cyberbullying - The Dark Side of Web 2.0
One of the things all this user-generated-content of blogs and personalized pages has opened up is the development of something called cyberbullying. This is the phenomenon of publishing negative comments about someone that go beyond criticism and into the world of threats. It is the playground bully writ large.

The web allows for a lot of anonymous communications, which is the first factor. When people can hide they often do things they otherwise couldn’t get away with. When you combine anonymity with the ease of publishing you get the cyberbullies coming out of the woodwork.

Cyberbullying on the Internet
The Internet provides the perfect forum for cyberbullies, individuals whose aim is to gain gratification from the distress caused by provoking and tormenting others. The anonymity, ease of provocation, and almost infinite source of targets means the Internet is full of predators from pedophiles targeting children to serial bullies targeting ... anybody.

Cyberbullies get a perverse sense of satisfaction (called gratification) from sending people flame mail and hate mail. Flame mail is an email whose contents are designed to inflame and enrage. Hate mail is hatred (including prejudice, racism, sexism etc) in an email.

Only "Pussies" beat-up on women either verbally,mentally or Physically...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tommy Chong / Shelby Chong - Midget Porno

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Amber Alert Issued for 2 Washington Children

The Washington State Police and the Walla Walla Police department issued the Amber Alert on Sunday evening for the two children. The children were last seen on Saturday afternoon at about 4 PM. Due to recent mental issues the children are believed to be in immediate danger. Click for a map of Walla Walla, Washington.

Victim 1, Lars Baugher is described as being a 2 year old White male, Blonde hair, Green eyes, 2'7". 29lbs Wearing: Brown or green jacket, blue jeans, black Converse shoes

Victim 2, Remi Baugher is described as being a 4 year old white female, Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, 3'1". 37lbs Wearing: Pink jacket w/heavier yellow jacket over the top, blue jeans, Strawberry Shortcake shoes

Suspect 1, John Baugher. is described as being a 34 year old male, White with Brown hair, and Green eyes, Weighing (Aprox): 140lbs.

The suspect vehicle,a 1978 Volkswagon Van with Washington license plate number 349NRK, was located unoccupied in Stevens County Washington on Monday morning. The area is being searched for the suspect and children.

If you have any information on this incident, please call 911 or contact the Walla Walla police department at 509-527-1960.

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Anna Nicole Smith Died From 9 Drug Cocktail / Accidential Overdose Killed Anna Nicole Smith ???

Anna Nicole Smith died of accidental overdose, authorities say

MIAMI - Anna Nicole Smith's autopsy results, released Monday, reveal as much about the star's reckless life as they do about her sudden death of an accidental overdose at age 39.

The autopsy report paints a complex, yet human picture of Smith: a mother battling depression after losing her son; a woman struggling to quell chronic pain from several plastic surgeries; and a star so obsessed with preserving her beauty that she gobbled diet pills, drank SlimFast and injected her buttocks with anti-aging drugs.

Yet Smith was a woman in control, even in the final days of her life, days that she spent in a suite at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino fighting a 105-degree fever, flu symptoms, sweating and a painful infection caused by a ruptured abscess in her buttocks.

Three days before her Feb. 8 death, her temperature soaring, Smith took an ice bath and Tamiflu, but firmly refused to go to the emergency room.

Smith improved the next day, but Broward Medical Examiner Dr. Joshua Perper said Monday that a trip to the ER could have prevented her fatal overdose, caused by at least nine prescription drugs. The combination of drugs slowed down her brain and caused respiratory arrest.

Smith idolized Monroe, died like her

DANIA BEACH, Fla. - Throughout her life, Anna Nicole Smith relished the breathless comparisons to Marilyn Monroe. Both were famous for their bombshell curves, their come-hither poses, their outrageous behavior.

Now, with the release Monday of the former Playboy model's full autopsy report, Smith has one more thing in common with her idol - a fatal overdose that included the powerful sleeping drug chloral hydrate.

Smith's death was ruled an accident. Like Monroe - whom she adored so much she tattooed her image on her body and sought to be buried near her - she was found unresponsive in bed, with a toxic mix of medications to blame.

Dr. Joshua Perper, the Broward County medical examiner, noted the similarity.

But while rumors have swirled since Smith's death followed her young son's by just five months, authorities said they saw no correlation there, no criminal activity responsible and no reason to charge anyone with wrongdoing.

Playboy Remembers Anna Nicole

Daniel Smith, Son Of Anna Nicole, Confided In Private Detective

Anna Nicole Smith's late son Daniel feared his mother was being kept in a drugged state and came close to hiring a private detective to investigate her relationship with companion Howard K. Stern, according to US reports.

California private investigator Jack E. Harding has revealed the troubled 20-year-old came to him with his concerns three months before he died last September (06) - but never followed through on his plans to commission the detective.

In a private meeting, Daniel told Harding he feared his mother was being held "a virtual prisoner" in Nassau, the Bahamas by Stern, who was controlling her like a Svengali.

Daniel Smith feared for mum Anna Nicole Smith with Howard K Stern

A Californian private investigator has claimed he was approached by the late Daniel Smith to keep tracks on Daniel’s mum Anna Nicole Smith.

Jack E Harding told the Globe that Daniel approached him in July last year because he was worried about Anna Nicole’s relationship with Howard K Stern, claiming she was being held “a virtual prisoner” at her home shared in Nassau. Daniel met with Harding to discuss his fears but didn’t finalise hiring the investigator.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Kevin Whitrick Becomes First UK Cyber Suicide / Is Cyber Suicide Becomng A New Fad ?

UK's First Cyber Suicide - Live on Webcam

With all the death and particularly, video of death, that has started to crop up in our society we start to become somewhat more tolerable and less disgusted by gore & death portrayed in Hollywood films. However; this most recent case forces us to remember that things like real, actual death are not as tolerable as a movie at the theater. Especially when the death is live on webcam.

Kevin Whitrick was a 42 year old man who, March 23rd, became the UK's first cyber suicide today. He was participating in a chatroom, webcam'ing the entire event of him typing a cord around a hook and tying it around his neck. Some users of the chatroom that watched it described it in various ways. Some saying that they pleaded with him to not do it; others say they heard people egging him on. Then when he committed the act, the tone changed and the people in the chatroom realized it was no joke and several called the authorities.

Get on with it, said net audience as man hanged himself on webcam

Kevin Whitrick logged on to an internet chat room and announced that he was going to commit suicide. He then switched on his webcam, stood on a chair, smashed through his ceiling to expose a joist, tied a rope around his neck and hanged himself.

Several visitors to the site thought that it was a hoax and egged him on, but one dialled 999. By the time police arrived at his flat, he was dead. The case is believed to be the first of its kind in Britain.

Chatroom users 'egged on father to kill himself live on webcam'

A father-of-two hanged himself live over the internet in Britain's first 'cyber suicide'.

Kevin Whitrick, 42, took his life after being goaded by dozens of chatroom users from across the world who initially believed he was play acting.

But as they watched in horror, Mr Whitrick climbed onto a chair, smashed through a ceiling and then hanged himself with a piece of rope.

Police consider charging chatroom users for inciting cyber suicide

ABOUT 100 internet chatroom users who witnessed a British man kill himself online - including some who allegedly incited him to hang himself - were being traced by detectives this weekend to be questioned over their roles in the cyber suicide.
Kevin Whitrick, 42, from Telford, Shropshire, killed himself after being goaded in an insult chatroom at the Paltalk website.
One of the users is claimed to have told him: "F..king do it. Get on with it."

The death has raised concerns that some internet forums encourage people to take their lives.

According to one charity that works to prevent suicide, there have been 17 deaths in Britain since 2001 involving internet chatrooms or sites that give advice on suicide methods.

Warning... Actual screenshot here

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is the only national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research and education, and to reaching out to people with mood disorders and those affected by suicide.

Suicide Prevention Strategy for England

Suicide is a devastating event. Its emotional and practical consequences are felt by family and friends and the many statutory and voluntary agencies involved in the provision of health and social care. Although the rate of suicide in England is not high in comparison with other countries in the European Union, the figures remain disturbing. On average, a person dies every two hours in England as a result of suicide. It is the commonest cause of death in men under 35. It is the main cause of premature death in people with mental illness.

Kevin Whitrick Tribute - by brother Malcolm Whitrick

Brandon Vedas

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Was Harry Houdini Poisoned ? / Houdini's Latest Escape Attempt (From The Grave)

Kin to seek OK next week for Houdini's exhumation

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Harry Houdini's great-nephew said on Friday he will seek permission next week to have the legendary escape artist's body exhumed from a New York cemetery and tested for evidence he was murdered.

George Hardeen told reporters he became interested in the circumstances surrounding Houdini's death in 1926 after publication of a book last year that said the magician's enemies may have poisoned him.

"His death shocked the entire nation, if not the world. Now maybe it's time to take a second look," Hardeen, believed to be Houdini's closest living relative, said by telephone from Arizona.

Why Not Just Hold a Seance?

NEW YORK, March 23 -- Determined to right a historic wrong, a group that included authors, lawyers and a forensic pathologist called a news conference Friday to unveil a bold campaign to exhume a dead book.

No, wait.
To exhume a dead body. Well, that's what they said, anyway. But the more they talked about exhuming the body, the more it seemed like the point was reviving the sluggish sales of a nearly moribund book.

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Harry Houdini (1874-1926)

Few performers have ever captured the public imagination like Harry Houdini. From his breakthrough in 1899 to his death in 1926, Houdini was one of the world's most popular entertainers, a true star of stage and screen. Time and again, his escapes from seemingly impossible predicaments thrilled audiences, who found in him a metaphor for their own lives, an affirmation of the human capacity to overcome adversity. Escapism in both senses of the word. But while nearly everyone is familiar with Houdini's stage persona, his little-known personal life is equally revealing. Taken as a whole, the public and private views make "The Elusive American" a uniquely powerful window on his times.

His love of America was such that he always claimed Appleton, Wisconsin, as his birthplace. But the man known as Houdini was actually born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary. He would not arrive in Wisconsin until four years later, when he, his mother Cecelia, and four brothers joined his father, who had become rabbi of a small Reform congregation there. Although an educated man, Herman Mayer Weiss (Weisz was changed to Weiss courtesy of immigration officials) was not destined for success in America. His life-long struggle to provide for his family would make a lasting impression on his son "Ehrie," who was forced to work from an early age to help make ends meet. Still, the boy was drawn to performing, making his debut in a neighborhood circus as the nine year old trapeze artist, "Ehrich, The Prince of the Air."

In 1887, after a series of failed rabbinic appointments in the Midwest, Herman Mayer Weiss brought young Ehrich with him to New York, where they lived in a boardinghouse and found what work they could. When he wasn't working, Ehrich excelled in sports, particularly swimming, boxing, and running, developing the natural athletic gifts which would be vital to his future act. He also rediscovered a childhood interest in magic, and in 1891 teamed up with a friend named Jacob Hyman in an act they called "The Brothers Houdini." After his hard-luck father died in 1892, eighteen year old Ehrich left his mother and brothers in New York and took to the road. The Brothers Houdini performed their act -- an unremarkable collection of card and other magic tricks -- in dime museums and small theaters throughout upstate New York and the Midwest. They performed on the Midway of the remarkable 1893 World's Columbia Exposition in Chicago. In 1894 Harry's younger brother Dash replaced Hyman, but not for long. That summer, Harry met and married a fellow performer, a petite eighteen year old from Brooklyn named Wilhelmina Beatrice Rahner. "Bess" was made Harry's assistant, and the Brothers Houdini became simply, "The Houdinis."

While they gained some notice with a trunk escape they called "The Metamorphosis," life on the dime museum circuit was grueling for the young couple. Though barely twenty-five, in 1898 Houdini was so tired of it he thought seriously about quitting, and even sent out a catalogue for "Harry Houdini's School of Magic" while staying with his mother in New York on an extended break. But he and Bess went back on the road, and in the spring of 1899 Houdini finally caught his big break. The reversal of fortune came when Martin Beck, a rising tycoon in the new world of vaudeville theater, saw the Houdinis in a beergarden in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ignoring the rest of the act, Beck saw something in Houdini's handcuff escapes, and challenged him the next day with his own cuffs; Houdini escaped easily. A few days later, Beck -- who was with the Orpheum circuit which dominated vaudeville in the West -- cabled Houdini from Chicago: "You can open Omaha March twenty sixth sixty dollars, will see act probably make you proposition for all next season." As Houdini later wrote, "This wire changed my whole Life's journey."

By the end of the year, Beck had the Houdinis playing in leading vaudeville houses from the Midwest to California; by early 1900, they were also a hit on Keith's East Coast circuit. Displaying a talent for publicity to match his abilities as an escape artist, Houdini performed jail escapes and other public stunts to lure people into theatres. Houdini, known variously as "The Celebrated Police Baffler," "The King of Handcuffs," and a host of other names, developed the basic routines which would make him a legend. After nearly a decade playing dime museums and circuses, vaudeville must have seemed like a different world. The Houdinis performed fewer shows -- before upscale audiences in lavishly appointed theaters -- and made far more money. At the turn of the century, vaudeville was the top of the entertainment pyramid, and Harry Houdini became one of its stars.

But as wonderful as this was, no amount of success in America, which had barely begun to emerge from Europe's cultural shadow, could compare with acceptance across the Atlantic. Already bickering with Beck, he arranged his own tour of Europe, where he would spend the bulk of the next five years. Tirelessly crisscrossing the continent and British Isles, Houdini delighted crowds just as he had in America. He also continued the practice of staging public exhibitions and taking challenges. One such memorable challenge came from the London Mirror newspaper, which commissioned a special set of handcuffs for Houdini. After more than an hour -- and several theatrical flourishes -- Houdini emerged free of the "Mirror Cuffs," setting off pandemonium in the music hall. In Germany, he caused an even bigger stir when he ran up against the Kaiser's formidable police force. When a Cologne policeman accused him of fraud, Houdini charged him with slander rather than backing down. Even though he had to reveal some of his tricks to the court in order to prevail, the resulting windfall of publicity only reinforced his status as Germany's "K├Ânig der Handschellen."

After conquering Europe, Houdini returned to America in 1905 and put down roots, buying a small farm in Connecticut and a stately brownstone in Manhattan. Although being an entertainer meant constant travel, the brownstone became home base for his family, particularly Cecelia Weiss. Houdini had always been close to his mother, but since his father's death had demonstrated a fierce devotion rivaled only by his love for Bess. When word of her death reached him in Sweden in 1913, he reportedly fainted, then wept uncontrollably when he came to. "I am what would be called a Mothers-boy," admitted the man hailed around the world as a real-life superman. He would grieve for her the rest of his life.

This devotion, along with a fierce desire to succeed as his father never had, led Houdini to drive himself relentlessly, and helps account for his incredible career. When others would have retired to enjoy their success, Houdini reinvented himself time and again, finding new ways to maintain his public appeal. In 1908 he introduced the famous milk can escape, reminding audiences that "Failure Means a Drowning Death." Around the same time, he staged a series of "manacled bridge jumps" which drew large crowds and a great deal of publicity. In 1913, he added the elaborate Chinese Water Torture Cell escape, which he usually referred to as "the Upside Down." Some consider it Houdini's greatest trick, and it certainly had all the elements of a Houdini performance: brilliant technical conception, great physical strength, and highly dramatic presentation.

After almost three decades of public performances, Houdini eventually found a new and powerful way to reach people: the motion picture. He made his first film, a serial called "The Master Mystery," in 1918, just as the movie business was about to take off. Although his acting was wooden and screen magic held none of the mystery of live magic, Houdini became one of Hollywood's first action heroes, and his movies delighted audiences around the world. Now in his mid-forties and physically worn-out, he was thrilled to be able to perform an escape once and have it preserved forever. And in typical fashion, Houdini jumped into the new medium with both feet: not content just being a star, he started his own production company and several other movie-related ventures, all of which lost money.

Another great passion of Houdini's emerged in the early '20s, when he became a leading critic of the Spiritualist movement sweeping Europe and America in the wake of World War I. Perhaps embarrassed by his lack of formal education, Houdini had always worked hard to educate himself; his great passion was the history of magic, and he amassed one of the greatest collections of such material in the world. Thus when Spiritualist mediums gained considerable attention by claiming to be in touch with the spirit world, the world's most famous illusionist felt compelled to reveal them for what they were: highly skilled performers. Houdini's crusade, which he approached with characteristic passion, led to two particularly revealing episodes. One was his friendship with English author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, a leading advocate of Spiritualism. Although Houdini was eager to remain friends with the noted man of letters, their differing views eventually led to a falling out. The other episode was his very public battle with the most noted medium of the day, Mina Crandon, a.k.a. "Margery," the wife of a prominent Boston surgeon. As part of a committee organized by "Scientific American" magazine, Houdini helped expose Margery as a fraud after a series of combative seances. He even published a forty-page illustrated pamphlet entitled "Houdini Exposes the tricks used by the Boston Medium 'Margery'" at his own expense. As generous as he was with family and friends, Houdini made an implacable foe.

Houdini began 1926 on a high note, reaching the height of success with his own one-man show on Broadway. The two and a half hour "HOUDINI" featured a bit of everything that had made him a legend since the dime museum days: small-scale illusions, blockbuster escapes, and a Spiritualism expose. The show was such a success he took it on the road. But during a stay in Montreal in October, Houdini was assaulted by a young man in his dressing room. The stomach blows -- which he had invited as a test of his legendary strength -- aggravated a case of appendicitis, and he soon became seriously ill. In a final display of stamina and willpower, Houdini performed the next day and again in Detroit. His appendix was removed on October 25th, but the delay had allowed an infection to set in, and he died in Detroit on Halloween.

Banner headlines, long obituaries, and a crowded public funeral in New York marked Houdini's passing. These were but a few of the signs that the world knew it had lost one of the most original and beloved entertainers of all time.

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