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Friday, March 30, 2007

You Know You're A Loser If You See Yourself On Don'tDateHimGirl.com

donny "donald, the don, the donny" newton

what happened already to the profile you or your friend posted of yourself? oh I see you got rid of it cuz you threatened people with your brand new knife. don't you think I am smart enough to save the info and pirnt it. deleting it doesn't get rid of it. people can save it to cd's and all... don't you know that computer genius. what's wrong upset cause you found someone who can get 1 up on you???? poor baby. it's funny though cause you think you know who I am and you have no friegan clue. but try to do things to someone cause the police have full reports on you. and you have a record already don't you donald ray newton. keep bragging about how tough you are and about all your weaposn and how you do teenagers.. keep it up!

Nick "c_townnova" Branch

Ok ladies, definately stay away from this one. He's a major player.He lives in Geneva, Alabama.He has a fiance but he likes to meet girls on the internet and keep them on the side. He also likes to visit his mistress while he's supposed to be at "work", and his fiance has no idea. He also likes to text girls and he'll pretend like he loves you just to mess with you. I also know that he uses yahoo and myspace to meet his woman. And he has a hatred for black woman but he wont tell you that until he's through with you. He also hates when a woman is going to college, he thinks all woman should be at home with the kids.

Gabriel "Book" Watkins

Ladies stand clear!! He's very attractive and charming. Beautiful smile must I add. He has 2 kids for 2 different women and a 3rd was on the way but was miscarried and constantly denied that it was his but was still fucking the girl. Doesn't care about anyone's feelings but his own. He goes around screwing women with no protection. He just purchased a Ford truck but before depended on his motorcycle. Man hate to be him on a rainy day!!!Lol. Has nothing but baby momma drama. If you end up messing with him please be aware that he will get mad at you when he sees you with someone else or talking to someone. Oh did i forget to mention that he has a woman, so to say, in ATL. Mind you her profile says in a relationship but his says single. Do I smell a whore. Yeah this bitch is stankin to high heaven. He's the nut that his mom should have swallowed when she had the chance. What an ass. Sex.... not good! But can work the tongue a little. Licks from roota to tha toota. If you know what i mean. Only a 1 min man and I mean literally a 1min man. After he gets his he's done and can't get a hard again for the rest of the week. So please "DON'T DATE HIM GIRL!"

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