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Thursday, March 20, 2008

George Bush Sr. and Jr. Have a Father and Son Talk !

George Bush Sr. Gives Jr. Some Fatherly Advice

George Bush

Some would argue that this is the most appropriate media for displaying George W. Bush! Individually Shrink-wrapped.

With classic quotes... "They misunderestimated me," "We need an energy bill that encourages consumption," and "Bring 'em on"

Klick Image To Order

George Bush Devil Sign Yellow T-Shirt

Is George hailing his true master? Parody political humor showing the Evil President giving the sign of the Devil with this hand gesture. Inauguration commemorative t-shirt.

George Bush Don't Like Black People T-Shirt

Kanye West's eloquent statement about the government's response to Hurricane Katrina as paraphrased by the Legendary K.O.

George W Bush impeach by a blow job Bumper Sticker

Wouldn't it be great if Bush got a BJ and got impeached?

George W. Bush ASS CLOWN Assclown Tee Gray T-Shirt

ASS Stamped on bush's head with a assclown nose, and pretzel on his back to choke on. Ultimate Ass Clown.

George Bush Asparagus Pee Ringer T

George Bush Asparagus Pee Ash Grey T-Shirt

An amazing, rare shirt featuring an advertisement for asparagus. Features George Bush proclaiming, Asparagus Makes Your Pee Smell Awesome!

George W. Bush LIAR Ash Grey Tee FuckYouBush.com

George W. Bush LIAR stamp Ash Grey T-Shirt

Bushism #35 Organic Cotton Tee

Share a laugh with your friends with this quote straight from the President's mouth.

George Bush Orwellian Propaganda Ash Grey T-Shirt

George Bush Orwellian Propaganda, Anti-Bush, Anti-GOP, Anti-Conservative, George Orwell, Big Brother, 1984, Anti-Republican, politics,

George W. Bush makes me spit up baby bib bush head

George Bush makes me spit up baby bib. Catch all the puke on bush's face!

George W Bush ASS CLOWN Sticker FuckYouBush.com

Bush head with ASS stamped on his head wearing a clown nose. Assclown vinyl sticker.

OIL PIMP George W. Bush stamped head Ringer Tee

OIL PIMP George W. Bush stamped head Ringer Tee. t-shirt with pretzel to choke on in the back.

anti George W. Bush lies iraq Sticker (Rectangular

anti George W. Bush lies iraq social security, hillary clinton in 2008

Stay What Course, George? Sticker (Bumper)

Stay the course -- Bush can't ever admit an error, even if he gets the whole country lost on a Sunday afternoon drive.

Check Back For More Coming Soon !

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Hillary Clinton Nut Cracker

As President Bush is fond of saying, "You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to use it!" Simply place the nut between her legs and squeeze! Yikes, it gives Bill shivers just thinking about it. The Hillary Nutcracker has stainless steel thighs and can crack the toughest nuts!

She's ready for you, but is America ready for this Nutcracker?!

Arrives in a great gift box!

HRC - Our New "Hillary Meal"

HRC - Our New Hillary Meal
2 Fat Thighs with Small Breasts and a Left Wing


Rebus Puzzle - Can You Figure it out? HINT : The pictures represent words!

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