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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Jerry Said FAG Lets Lynch The Motherfucker / What Is A Fag Anyway ?

I'm not the most Politically Correct Man but I try. I know exactly what Nigger or Spic mean and I think anyone who uses them are either insecure about themselves or have had it inbreed into them.
I grew up with all the terms and yes I'm a Mick and my best friend was a Kraut.My Mom married a Wop and he was the best man I've ever known.We lived in a neighborhood full of Jews and Beaners and even a Po lack or two.
So I know what all these terms are and I know alot of good people that grew up with these labels and more.I would rather have my tongue cut out than ever call anyone any of them.They are meant to be mean and they are pure hatered based pure and simple.
But, I don't really see the word Fag that way. Maybe it's just me but I've always that a Fag was an extremely flamboyant crave the center of attention male person. I never even consider the Gay Community as a whole when I hear the word. I picture a Charles Nelson Reilly or a Richard Simmons or even sometimes maybe even a Tony Danza kind of guy. Not to mention Justin and his Gonorrhea Ridden Boyfriend Joe.
So I do know right from wrong but I'm just not sure that the term Fag should cause that much of an uproar. Maybe that's just a little bit to PC for me...

The Gonorrhea Boys Dustin and Joe from Big Brother 8

Lewis Drops an Anti-Gay Slur on Telethon

NEW YORK (AP) — Jerry Lewis dropped an anti-gay slur — the same one that got Isaiah Washington of "Grey's Anatomy" in trouble — during the 18th hour of his annual Labor Day telethon.

He apologized Tuesday for a "bad choice of words."

The 81-year-old showman — prowling about the stage during the live telecast Monday in Las Vegas — was goofing around and dodging his cameraman, then went into a ramble about imaginary family members.

"Oh, your family has come to see you," he said, speaking to the camera and gesturing toward thin air.

"You remember Bart, your older son," he said, and motioning toward another unseen character, "Jesse, the illiterate f-----.

"No," Lewis said, quickly stopping himself before continuing.

Jerry Lewis Famed as Both Funnyman and Fundraiser

Jerry Lewis, 81, has made international audiences laugh since his film debut in the 1940's, but his long show business career has also had a more serious purpose. This beloved and complex clown remains devoted to children afflicted with a crippling disease.
This Labor Day weekend, Jerry Lewis once again hosted the Muscular Dystrophy telethon and raised a record $63.8 million. Broadcast live on national television from a stage in Las Vegas, Nevada, the event has been an annual holiday tradition for decades. During 22 hours of continuous programming, Lewis plays the high-energy master of ceremonies for a procession of celebrities and performers, who entertain a studio audience and solicit millons of dollars in donations from television viewers to fund research for a cure for Muscular Dystrophy, or MD.

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