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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's One More Injustice In This Country / Yaderlin Hiraldo Has Earned Her Right To Stay In The US

If Yaderlin Hiraldo gets deported there is something really wrong in this country.If sending her husband to fight and quite possibly to also die doesn't earn this woman the right to stay in the US then what does? It would be a total outrage to deport Mrs. Hiraldo and George Bush better do everything in his power to see that it never happens... BJC123

Wife Of U.S. Soldier Missing In Iraq Faces Deportation

Boston, MA (AHN) - The wife of an American soldier who has been missing in Iraq for more than a month could face deportation. According to officials, Yaderlin Hiraldo, wife of Army specialist Alex Jimenez, entered the U.S. illegally from the Dominican Republic in 2001 and should now leave the country and stay there for at least 10 years before she becomes eligible for a green card.

"I can't imagine a bigger injustice than that, to be deporting someone's wife who is fighting and possibly dying for our country," Yaderlin's attorney, Matthew Kolken told the Boston's WBZ-TV.

Wife of MIA Soldier Faces Deportation Threat

As Yaderlin Hiraldo worries about whether or not her soldier husband has perished in Iraq federal immigration officials are setting about deporting the woman back to her home country. Hiraldo’s husband is U.S. Army Specialist Alex Jimenez, one of the soldiers still missing after a May 12th insurgent attack near Baghdad. Jimenez and another soldier are officially listed as missing in action after the attack that claimed four more soldiers’ lives.

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