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Friday, June 15, 2007

parisexposed.com / If You Paid To Join This Site Your Information Probably Was Exposed As Well

Site Exposed More Than Paris Hilton

JUNE 13--The operators of an X-rated Paris Hilton web site exposed the credit card numbers and identities of about 750 subscribers who signed up after the site recently returned online in the face of a federal court injunction, The Smoking Gun has learned. After a tip from a visitor who read TSG's June 11 story about the re-launching of the site, parisexposed.com, a reporter was able to easily access the subscriber list by changing a few characters in the web address for the site's sign-up page.

Risque online pics of Hilton reappear despite court injunction

JUNE 11--Defying a federal court injunction, a web site stocked with X-rated home videos and photos of Paris Hilton has recently reopened, apparently in a bid to cash in on the wave of publicity surrounding the hard-partying heiress's legal travails. The web site, parisexposed.com, was shuttered earlier this year after Hilton sued its operators for invasion of privacy and copyright violation. In late-February,

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