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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now Even The NYC Cops Are Getting Into The Nappy Headed Ho Story / Woman Cops Ain't No Nappy Headed Ho's

OK,is it just me or has this whole "Nappy Headed Ho" thing gotten out of control?
Now the NYC police are calling each other "Nappy Headed Ho's"... BJC


April 24, 2007 -- A cop who filed a complaint against a patrolman who called her a "nappy-headed ho" during roll call at her Brooklyn station house was assigned days later to partner with him, her lawyer said yesterday.

Officer Karen Nelson is one of three female cops at the 70th Precinct who filed complaints against Sgt. Carlos Mateo and Officer Ralph Montanez, who used the slurs after radio host Don Imus was fired for the same remarks.

Sarges, officer called us ho's - female cops

Two NYPD sergeants and a Brooklyn officer are under investigation for allegedly calling female colleagues "nappy-headed ho's" in two separate incidents that came days after radio jock Don Imus uttered the same racist jab, officials said yesterday.

One of the sergeants already has been booted from his Brooklyn post and stripped of supervisory duties, NYPD brass confirmed yesterday.

Maybe it's time to change the uniforms for the NYC Police Department.I've got a few ideas that might work for them... BJC

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