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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Konan V Johnson and Sandra Mary Johnson / Don't Fall For hese Girls Sob Stories

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Abidjan Ivory Coast.
Hello, Good day ,We hope that all is well with you?And if so thanks be
to God.

Our names are Konan Victor Johnson and Sandra Mary Johnson ,we are 20
and 19yrs old we are students,we are south africa cape town, Please we
would like you to assist us as urgent as you can before they kill us.
Our father was a wealthy gold dealer. Trouble began early last year
when my father's associates started saying that our father is not giving
proper accounts ofall the tons of gold being supliered by local gold
dealer in some villages.
This happened last year, 2006 when they discovered a very bigsome of
money our father deposited in a Bank in this country Abidjan Ivory
Coast.which is not our country , As a result of this discovery and the
enviness of this money ,he was poisioned by his associates with the help of
our relatives At his hospital bed ,he revealed
to me the reasons of his sickness.
He directed me as the son where to get the documents of the Money
deposit in the Bank, that he made me the next of kin being the only son .He
advise me that if he dies , that we should not stay in our country
south africa because his associates and our relatives will equally kill us
hence our mother died five years ago of breast cancer. He directed us
if he dies that we should look for a foreign partner who will help us to
transfer the money into his or her person's account and the person will
help us to invest the money in his country,while we futher our
Our father finally died this year 5th of jan and since then we was out
of school and went into hiding because of my father's associates and
relatives All the relevant documents of the $7.5 million us dollars that
was deposited are with me konan now .We are ready to give you half of
the money , if you can help us transfer this money into your account for
onward investment and the continuation of our education in your country
cause we want to be greeat in future.

Please you can also contact us with my anotheremail which is
please send us the following cause is important and the bank will need
all.and please call us at +22507422378 this is our phone number
1 - Your Telephone number
2 - Your full Address
3 - Your full name
4 - Your Fax
After we receive all this informations from you we will send to you all
the necessary documents as regarding to our late fathers money before
they kill us please .
Best regards,

Konan V Johnson and Sandra Mary Johnson

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