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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Mexico extradites drug kingpins to U.S.

MEXICO CITY - Mexico extradited drug kingpins Osiel Cardenas and Hector “El Guero” Palma along with several other major traffickers to the United States on Friday as part of a major crackdown against warring cartels.
President Felipe Calderon took office in December and quickly sent troops and elite police units to tackle Mexico’s main drug cartels, in an attempt to halt a gruesome surge in violence that claimed more than 2,000 lives last year.
A total of fifteen men arrived in the United States aboard flights from Mexico on Friday.

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The illegal drug trade is a global black market consisting of production, distribution, packaging and sale of illegal psychoactive substances. The illegality of the black markets purveying the drug trade is relative to geographic location, and the producing countries of the drug markets (many South American, Far East, and Middle East countries) are not as inclined to have "zero-tolerance" policies, as the consuming countries of the drug trade (mostly United States and Europe) are. The economic reality of the massive profiteering inherent to the drug trade serve to extend its reach despite the best efforts of enforcement agencies worldwide. In the wake of the economic reality, the social consequences (crime, violence, imprisonment, social unrest) of the drug trade are undeniably problematic.


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