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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Jade Goody

I apologise to Indians: Jade Goody

Amitabh Revi: The ad that was placed in the papers by India's tourism ministry was obviously tongue-and-cheek. What made you want to come to India after all that controversy?

Goody: Why I want to come to India is because I had an invite from the Indian tourist board. But my main reason for applying for a visa to come to India is to request a meeting with the Indian government because I do realize that my actions and words have hurt and offended a lot of people.

And I'd like to say to the Indian people face to face and not hiding behind Shilpa Shetty because I am the one who caused these problems and the pain. So I'd like to approach them face-to-face and apologize for all the pain and hurt that I have caused them.

Amitabh Revi: Isn't it ironic that while you apologise for racism, Shilpa Shetty has herself said that there was no racism. She's gone back and she's still in the show.

Goody: Shilpa Shetty has said that I was not a racist and that I am not a bully. But you know I've made peace with Shilpa and we are fine, but I've hurt people who love and care for Shilpa and I feel upset and disgusted with the way I've conducted myself.

Jade Goody's perfume turns woman into racist

"I never 'ad a racist bone in my body," she told reporters yesterday, "Until I used Jade's perfume. Next fing I know, it's darkie this 'an bananna boat that. I was disgusted wiv meself."

If you thought Jade Goody was bad...

Lucy Buchanan, a contestant on the desert island Survivor-style show, has launched into a racist tirade that makes Jade Goody seem like the minister of Zen, Tolerance and Understanding.

The eighteen-year-old, who was educated at a fancy public boarding school, has caused another political row by talking about how she wishes slavery were still an option in modern Britain.

Top 5 hefty gadgets to be thrown through Jade Goody's windows'

There's a breed of gadgets out there which are part technology, part window breaker. By day they help you pass the time, by night they become employed in weighing down your bag, breaking unsuspecting toes they fall on, and potentially opening up a previously unopened house... Here we count down the Top 5 hefty gadgets.

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