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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Relive The 60's With The " Summer Of Love " Anniversary / Hippies And LSD Brought Back With The " Summer Of Love " Anniversary

Summer of Love, 40 years later

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — If the Summer of Love established San Francisco as the hub of hippiedom, the summer of 2007 may be remembered as a time the country commemorated 1960s counterculture by taking the "counter" out of it.

From New York, where Lincoln Center is devoting its outdoor music and dance season to the era, to Minnesota, where the Minneapolis Institute of Arts mounted a psychedelic art and photography exhibit, people of all ages and political persuasions are being invited to celebrate the seminal events that took place here four decades ago.

The anniversary's most arguably authentic observance is a 17-city concert tour featuring Jefferson Starship sans Grace Slick, a Janis Joplin-less Big Brother & the Holding Company, and Tom Constanten, who played keyboards for the Grateful Dead from 1966 to 1970.

'Summer of Love' anniversary arrives

San Francisco — Hippie counterculture blossomed as the "Summer of Love" unfolded 40 years ago in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.
Teenagers, college students and other young people flocked to the area, which was a hotbed of psychedelic styles, rock music, free love and drug use. Social change and political unrest — including activism against the Vietnam War and for civil rights — formed a backdrop.

The Summer Of Love Website Tour

Summer Of Love Events Website

Summer Of Love 40 Years Later

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