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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Paris Hilton Tells Larry King She Never Did Drugs / All That Weed Must Have Erased Paris Hilton's Memory Of All These Videos

What Was Paris Smoking?

Videos belie ex-con Hilton's drug use denials to Larry King
JUNE 28--We hate to call ex-con Paris Hilton a liar, but when she told Larry King last night that she had never taken drugs, it seems that the heiress somehow forgot about the marijuana, hashish, mushrooms, and Quaaludes. Hilton's, um, familiarity with illegal substances was memorialized on home videos she shot over the past several years in various cities. As we've previously reported, her videos are available on a web site that charges about $20 for a one-month subscription. In the seven clips you'll find below, Hilton does (and talks) drugs with sister Nicky, former boyfriend Jason Shaw, assorted swells, and a very accommodating guy named Jose.

Speaking of the former convict, King never got around to asking Hilton about some of her previous racist comments. Again, let's go to her videotape:

Paris Hilton, Underclass Hero?

Play Paris Hilton Jail Escape Here

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