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Friday, March 23, 2007

Hillary Clinton 1984 / Vote NO To Hillary Clinton In 08

‘Vote Different’ maker steps forward, loses job

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Ariana Huffington was about to out Philip de Vellis - a designer with the firm that created Barack Obama's website - as the creator of the infamous Vote Different YouTube video, which mashes up Apple's 1984 ad with Hillary Clinton's own campaign imagery to create a compelling online ad for Obama, the SF Chronicle reports.

Obama: Clinton Ad Captured Imagination

LAS VEGAS — Sen. Barack Obama said Friday that his campaign had nothing to do with a Web ad portraying his chief rival for the Democratic president nomination as an Orwellian figure.

Nevertheless, Obama said declined to denounce the ad, which depicts Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York as Big Brother. He said the ad apparently "captured the public's imagination."

Obama said the ad was produced by a renegade employee of a company hired by his campaign to help design his Web site. The employee, Philip de Vellis, has since left Blue State, a Washington-based consulting firm, and has said he produced the ad on his own time.

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