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Wednesday, February 14, 2007


100 wallets dropped in front of hidden cameras to test honesty...

...Each of the 100 wallets contained $2.10 in real money, a fake $50.00 gift certificate, some miscellaneous items and a clearly written ID card identifying the lost wallet's rightful owner. We were curious as to how honest people would be and wanted to see how different groups would compare to each other. For example, who would return the wallets more often... men or women? Young or old?

Lost Wallet #1

Date: September 6th 2006
Location: Parking lot of retail store.
Result: Returned (Wallet #1 was given to the retail store's customer service department. However, the store did not call me - I had to go in a few days later and ask. My wallet was returned to me with all items still intact.)
Notes: I once worked at this store. I dropped wallets on this parking lot twice - both were returned.,

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