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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tax Time Is Almost Here - Be Afraid Be Very Afraid

A dad walks into a market followed by his ten-year-old son. The kid is spinning a 25 cent piece in the air and catching it between his teeth. As they walk through the market someone bumps into the boy at just the wrong moment and the coin goes straight into his mouth and lodges in his throat. He immediately starts choking and going blue in the face and Dad starts panicking, shouting and screaming for help.

A middle-aged, fairly unnoticeable man in a gray suit is sitting at a coffee bar in the market reading his newspaper and sipping a cup of coffee. At the sound of the of the commotion, he looks up, puts his coffee cup down on the saucer, neatly folds his newspaper and places it on the counter. He gets up from his seat and makes his unhurried way across the market.

Reaching the boy, the man carefully takes hold of the kid's testicles and squeezes gently but firmly. After a few seconds the boy convulses violently and coughs up the 25 cent piece, which the man catches in his free hand. Releasing the boy, the man hands the coin to the father and walks back to his seat in the coffee bar without saying a word.

As soon as he is sure that his son has suffered no lasting ill-effects, the father rushes over to the man and starts effusively thanking him saying: "I've never seen anybody do anything like that before." It was fantastic! "Are you a doctor?"

"Oh, good heavens, no," the man replies, "I work for the Internal Revenue Service."

IRS Abuse Reports

Are you

a hard-working, middle-class American?

a law-abiding, taxpaying citizen?

Do you believe that no harm can come to you and your loved ones from the Internal Revenue Service (the IRS)? Any such belief will change after reading the following IRS Abuse Reports. Those reports are from law-abiding, hard-working taxpayers like you -- honest taxpayers who suddenly found themselves being methodically, cruelly, criminally destroyed by an out-of-control bureaucracy. Indeed, the IRS is a juggernaut, not for tax collection, but for power expansion through fear and destruction.

TheVanguard.Org Flat Tax: Tax Code Horror Stories"

Tax Code Horror Stories

Example: IRS Abuse - Pennsylvania

"For more than a decade, Ernest Kugler, Jr. was locked in a struggle with the IRS over taxes the agency said he owed from his heating and cooling business. Kugler of Export, Pa., near Pittsburgh, offered partial payment of the $60,000 the agency demanded, but the IRS would not budge. He filed for bankruptcy four times, to consolidate his debts to the IRS and others, but his tax liability kept growing. Despite his efforts to pay, Kugler continued to receive dunning letters and calls from agents demanding the rest of his bill, which with penalties and interest had swelled to $155,000 by this spring. On May 15, he dropped his wife, Darlene, at the federal building in Pittsburgh for a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee and the agent handling his case. Kugler told her that he could not face another futile session with the tax collectors. They found his body four days later in the cab of his pickup truck in a wooded gully not far from his house, dead of carbon monoxide poisoning at age 53. The short, unhappy story of Ernest Kugler is one of hundreds told to investigators for the Senate Finance Committee. Committee staffers say that while the bleak conclusion of Kugler's tale is obviously more extreme than most, it is emblematic of the way the IRS operates - inflexible, insensitive, intrusive and, ultimately, ineffective."

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