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Friday, July 6, 2007

Falcons QB Michael Vick Dogfighting Investigation Continues / Was Michael Vick Running Dogfights At His Home ?

Feds search Vick's property in dogfighting case

SURRY, Va. — Federal agents investigating possible dogfighting searched property owned by Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick today.

Portsmouth’s WAVY-TV broadcast video of investigators working under a blue tarp on a portion of Vick’s wooded property in southeastern Virginia. They were sifting dirt collected in white buckets and clearing brush. Some wore T-shirts with the wording “POLICE.”

"Bad Newz Kennels" ran dog fights on Michael Vick property

The federal authorities alleged in court documents, that Virginia property owned by the Atlanta Falcons star Michael Vick, was used by an outfit named "Bad Newz Kennels" to stage area for housing and training the pit bills involved in the illegal dog fights. The feds searched the property of Michael Vick again on Friday, but did not comment on any findings.
Michael Vick, who claims to have rarely visited the property, has not been named in the court papers, nor have any charges been filed against the Atlanta Falcons player. But they allege that illegal dog fights have been staged on Vick's property as far back as 2002, and many people travelled from the neighboring states to witness the activity or to participate with their own dogs. Members of the "Bad Newz Kennels" have also travelled around those states with their dogs.

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