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Saturday, April 7, 2007

Bloggingmsnchat Sucks The Big One / The Difference between A Comment And Spam

OK,here's the deal. I sometimes like to browse the blog world when I'm not busy here doing my own thing. So I have along the way found a few stories that interested me enough to leave a comment giving my opinion on the stories content.Now according to my way of seeing things this is the whole idea behind having a comment section in the first place.
Now, when I leave a comment (which in fact in the whole time I've been online I have left at most about 6 0r 7) I always put a link to my site at the bottom of my comment which I consider a fair practice. I allow that on my sites because I like to allow people to advertise their site too. It's called being considerate.
So anyway, these "Dicks" at "Bloggingmsnchat" removed the link to my site and edited my comment to include a line at the bottom claiming they believe my comment is spam but, "We agree with the opinion of the comment I left concerning the story that it was left for.

Here is the comment after their editing:
This smells like another way for Bush and his gang to trample over the constitution and our civil rights.Just how many wars are this government planning to wage with our own tax dollars.The war on terror,the war on drugs and the war on pornography.Maybe it's time for a war on the religious fanatics in this country.
I would like to go out of this world knowing my grandchildren still have some rights left.I wonder if the Bush girls realize what their old man is doing to this country.On the other hand it probably doesn't matter to them because being a Bush never meant you had to live by the laws of the country anyways...
BJC Thursday 05 April 2007 - 19:46:02 #

this appears to be spam so we removed the urls however we pretty much agree with what he posted.
Edited By Siteowner

So I went back and pointed out the fact that I'm not in the habit of spamming other peoples sites because I know what a pain in the ass spammers are but that it is my practise to allow anyone who leaves a sincere comment to advertise their site in their comment with a link to their page. Seems like a fair practice right?
Well, not for the "Mighty Webmaster" at "Bloggingmsnchat". Here is their answer to that.

Banned by webmaster. Your comments will not be added

So, you decide who is the "Dick" in this little saga. Is it spamming just because you put a link to your own site at the bottom of your comment or is it fair practise and a considerate thing to allow.
Please feel free to leave a comment and voice your opinion and feel free to put a link to your site in your comment as well. I like to visit other people's sites and read their work too... BJC

And as for "Bloggingmsnchat" , here's one for them.
I don't need to spam for my traffic. I do just fine thank you...

P.S. I'm so fair I'm even willing to put a link to Bloggingmsnchat here so you all can visit them too...


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