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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Michael Alig Disco Killer / The Story Of Club Queen Killer Michael Alig

Here's another story that I got interested in from seeing a movie. "Party Monster" is the story of Michael Alig who was described as the founder of the "Clubkids" who killed his friend and drug dealer Angel. I admit I'm fascinated by some strange and dark stories. I just find them interesting because of what is really involved in the real stories behind the movies.Also, I enjoy researching them. I hope you enjoy... BJC

The story about Michael Alig that Hollywood can't tell

A movie about club-kid leader turned killer Michael Alig is starting to roll, but you know how movies about beautiful minds can be. So, as the only observer not on drugs at the time, let me uncork my own reminiscences of Alig in hopes of getting everyone out of a proverbial K-hole.

In his party days—the mid '80s to mid '90s—Alig was a charismatic presence with a naughty streak that made him simultaneously compelling and unnerving. He was a genius and the devil, and in '88, I wrote about his and the club kids' "Cult of crazy fashion and petulance. They . . . are terminally superficial, have dubious aesthetic values, and are master manipulators, exploiters, and, thank God, partiers." I even compared Alig and company to the Manson family!

Party Boy in a Cage

After ten years in prison, club kid turned murderer Michael Alig is clean (finally), remorseful (possibly),and obsessed with his grand reentry into New York nightlife.

I can hardly believe it’s been ten years already! Go ahead and make the arrangements … & just let me know when you’re planning to come up! Looking forward to meeting you!” The letter, scribbled in loopy, adolescent handwriting on a piece of loose-leaf paper, had the look of a note that might be surreptitiously passed in grade-school homeroom and the breezy tone of an invitation to stop by someone’s country house.

An Exclusive Interview With The Club Kid Killer

Michael Alig was a naive suburban gay boy who arrived in New York in the early '80s with a dream and a smile. He turned the city's nightlife on its head through some of its headiest days - but found true fame when his life unraveled in a bloody mix of drugs and murder.
In the feature film, Party Monster, Macaulay Culkin stars as Michael Alig, New York's infamous "Club Kid Killer".
The real Michael Alig, however, is currently imprisoned in the Attica Correctional Facility in upstate New York. Danny Corvini has been corresponding with Alig since 2002. Based on their letters, he compiled this feature.

"When I arrived In New York, I knew I wanted to live there," says Michael Alig. "It was so unlike anything I'd ever experienced. The people were all so tolerant and creative. Here, people seemed to be praised and celebrated for their individuality rather than made fun of for it."

Michael Alig and the Club Kids on Joan Rivers

James St. James Myspace Page

"Yes, I am the REAL James St. James. "

99 years old
United States

Last Login: 3/7/2007

The Club Kids as videotaped by Nelson Sullivan

Nelson Sullivan's New York
The Club Kids
Volumes 1, 2 & 3
You'll go behind the scenes into the real world of the Party Monster movie when you watch Nelson Sullivan's intimate video portraits of The Club Kids in this 3 Volume Video Set. On this page you can sample quicktime moments from each of the Volumes and find out more about The Club Kids than you thought you'd ever know.

Michael Alig Interview


I'm scheduled to leave Southport on 22 April, and it won't be soon enough for me, as this has to be one of the worst facilities in all of New York State! There are daily shit fights between inmates, spitting, piss fights. It's worse than a zoo. I don't think even monkeys throw piss and shit at each other! The next place I go won't be so harsh, I'm sure.

Phone Call from a Felon, or Fabulous but True Tales from Inside the Big House

The first in a series of recorded phone calls between James St. James and superstar prisoner #97A-6595 (otherwise known as Drano killer Michael Alig). In this installment: Michael finds true love, wiggles out of an extortion scheme and survives the bloody rampage of a madman.

Party Monster DVD At CD Universe

Party Monster: The Shockumentary DVD At CD Universe

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