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Saturday, February 10, 2007


After long break, Bob Seger's at it again

Despite his famous credo, Bob Seger forgot about rock 'n' roll after rock 'n' roll forgot about him. After selling tens of millions of records in the '70s and millions more in the '80s, his 1995 record It's a Mystery went piff. Rock's rules had changed, and Seger's earnest blue-collar anthems sounded quaint among glossier, snarkier fare.

Seger's successes — not counting Old Time Rock & Roll, for which he turned down a songwriting credit — had provided ample security, so he walked away and started a family.
Subsequent trends came and went, and sometime during the next 11 years, Seger's style of rock — passionate and decidedly unglamorous — started to sound enduring. Regular praise from next-gen Michigan rocker Kid Rock didn't hurt. Nor did the fact Seger never went out of vogue as a jukebox hero: The songs that sprung from his life in Michigan always sounded familiar and regionless in bars. Like Lynyrd Skynyrd, he was a rock act that country fans could get behind.


• When & where: 7:30 p.m. Monday at the Toyota Center, 1510 Polk
• Admission: Tickets are $65; 866-446-8849 or

Bob Seger is back in tour mode

Yes, Bob Seger has a MySpace page. But does the old-time rock 'n' roller ever update it - let alone look at it?

"I let everybody else take care of that for me," Seger said recently in a telephone interview. "And being such a micromanager, I'm surprised I even give up that control."

Even in 2007, Bob Seger still lives by his own rules.

In a time when record company profits are plummeting and artists are relying on cross-platform exposure in the face of smaller budgets and fickle fans, Seger remains vintage Seger.

Seger, 61, took nearly a dozen years away from recording to watch his kids grow up. Then, without much fanfare, Seger released "Face the Promise," his first full-length CD in more than 10 years, in September.

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