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Tuesday, January 9, 2007

McKinney North High School Fab-5 Photos…

Who doesn't love a troupe of sadistic teen cheerleaders? The Texas press, apparently, and now the national press. They've latched on to McKinney North High School's "Fab 5"—a pack of fully MySpaced, teacher-torturing mean girls—and have no immediate plans for letting go. By the looks of their Flickr photos, the gals are enjoying every minute of it. The controversy, which has its frothy beginnings in the local media, has gone mainstream, with Newsweek doing its own version of a press favorite, the "Mean Girls" story, and asking for the umpteenth time whether teens are "out of control." In making the Fab 5 its poster clique, the article revealed these senior girls' nasty pranks and lewd MySpace profiles. The school district was so incensed and embarrassed by the stir that it spent $40,000 in legal fees to find someone to blame for these mani-pedi'd, highlighted horrors. The investigation sent a wave of firings and resignations rippling through the high school staff, claiming along the way the livelihood of Principal Linda Theret

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