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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Is Rudy Giuliani Out Before He Even Gets Started ?

This probably isn’t exactlly the way Rudy Giuliani wanted to start the new year out.Having his presidential playbook being released for the world to see before he has even announced he’ll run.However, if he has a good enough team working for him there’s a chance they can spin this into a good thing.For one thing there is probably very little in these documents that is real news or something that with little effort could be figured out anyway.At the very least there seems to be nothing left for anyone to dig up on the guy because he basiclly did the work for them so he won’t have to worry about any skelitons lurking in his closet.I can see where that could be a big plus for Rudy considering the dirty politics that are played these days.At least we all know Rudy’s dirt up front…

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