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Friday, January 19, 2007

Infamous 'Fab 5' cheerleaders regret condom joke

DALLAS - It took only a moment to snap the photo that made the "Fab Five" famous. Now, they would do anything to erase that moment.
The five McKinney North High School cheerleaders, each in uniform and holding phallus-shaped candles, thought it would be funny to pose for the picture inside a condom store - a harmless joke for their friends to see on MySpace.
"We will never live it down," says Elizabeth Griffin, seen in her former role as a McKinney North High School cheerleader. She graduated early and is now headed to college. advertisement
They never imagined it might cost one of their mothers her job as high school principal and, then, thrust them into the latest national debate over the questionable behavior of popular teenage girls.
"It was a stupid mistake," Elizabeth Griffin, 18, one of the cheerleaders, told the Dallas Morning News on Saturday. "We will never live it down, but we never thought about that at the time."
The cheerleaders and their parents spoke out for the first time because, they say, the national media has spun a story portraying the girls as drunken, mean, sex-crazed and out of control.

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